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Outdoor School Singapore explorers posing for a photo at a holiday camp. Image credit: Outdoor School Singapore

Looking for a unique orientation into Singapore through the lens of nature? Or an adventure that’ll keep kiddo on his/her feet to adapt better to Singapore’s culture while honing greater independence and responsibility? Outdoor School Singapore by NTUC First Campus leads explorers ages 4-12 on meticulously curated outdoor adventures, exploring Singapore’s unique green spaces, such as the mangroves and marshes, and dynamic urban settings, such as a local wet market juxtaposed with a bustling shopping mall. These experiences foster empathy, environmental awareness, and a deeper understanding of Singapore’s social and cultural intricacies.

The Outdoor School Singapore team stands out from others with its child-led programme developed by qualified facilitators who practice nature pedagogy and ecological awareness in their teaching. Parents can expect their explorers to take the reins during these adventures and learn a great deal about responsibility, resilience, and risk-taking.

Three Outdoor School Singapore Summer Camps – including one at Pulau Ubin!

This summer holiday is packed with three all-time favourites: Wetland Wanderers™, Kampong Kakis™, and Wild Troopers™. Each camp offers a distinct experience for both new and experienced campers.

Outdoor School Singapore explorers posing at Sungei Buloh and Kranji Marshes bird tower during Wetland Wanderers. Image credit: Outdoor School Singapore

Mangrove & Marshes Exploration at Wetland Wanderers™

A fascinating journey awaits at this camp where land and water converge, equipping wanderers with essential survival and navigation skills. Explorers will practice navigation techniques by using grid maps and compasses to locate hidden treasures during the Outdoor Orienteering Challenge and acquire team-building and problem-solving skills while tackling the clues. They will imagine life in the wetlands while exploring the winding paths around Sungei Buloh mangrove and Kranji marshlands, spotting incredible wildlife like tree-climbing crabs, crocodiles, mudskippers, and various birds.

Outdoor School Singapore explorers at a convenience store at Pulau Ubin during Kampong Kakis holiday camp. Image credit: Outdoor School Singapore

Heritage & Cultural Immersion at Kampong Kakis™

This action-packed programme is the only Pulau Ubin camp experience for children as young as 9 to 12. It is designed to challenge their limits, practice social sensitivity as they navigate Singapore’s heritage, and cultivate the essential skills of tenacity, teamwork, and personal leadership while completing the mission to rescue Little Red Riding Hood. During this offshore adventure, our pioneer explorers will get to experience kampong life as they create everyday items using the island’s resources such as a natural insect repellent, and discover Singapore’s rich language heritage when they interact with the residents for clues.

Outdoor School Singapore instructor pointing to map of Admiralty Park for explorers to navigate during Wild Troopers holiday camp. Image credit: Outdoor School Singapore

1-day Adventure at Wild Troopers™

Decked out in camo paint, our novice explorers transform into elite troopers navigating the terrain of Admiralty Park. They’ll embark on a heart-pounding quest to hunt down hidden enemies and defend their precious resources. The excitement peaks with an epic showdown, where they’ll unleash their strategic skills and engage in an exhilarating water gun battle.

Summer Camps at Outdoor School Singapore

Outdoor School Singapore by NTUC First Campus promises unforgettable experiences and newfound friends at this year’s summer camps. Camp availability is limited so embark on this new adventure now!


29 – 31 July: Kampong Kakis

5 – 7 Aug: Wetland Wanderers

8 Aug: Wild Troopers


1-Day camp (9 am to 1 pm): $110 (before GST)

3-Day camp (9 am to 3.30 pm daily): From $330 (before GST)

Use promo code <ANZA10> to get 10% off for the first 20 sign-ups.*



+65 9821 1830

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