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In Singapore’s humid climate, households deal with pests and mould growth, which can harm homes and the health of residents. Unlike cooler climates, the Lion City’s warmth and moisture create ideal conditions for mould and pests. Rentokil Pest Control and Mouldgone help protect homes and residents.

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Rentokil and Mouldgone have joined forces to protect expats and Singaporeans from pests and mould, offering expertise, dedication, and a strong commitment to family safety, ensuring families’ wellbeing across the island nation.

Mouldgone, Singapore’s #1 Mould Expert

The harmless signs of mould – fuzzy white spots on furniture or unexplained wall freckles – conceal a hidden threat: airborne mould spores, particularly hazardous to children’s health.

Professional expertise and specialised equipment are essential for effective mould remediation. We conduct inspections using advanced tools such as moisture metres and thermal imaging cameras, providing homeowners with thorough knowledge of the existence of mould.

Our treatments, utilising FDA and CDC approved chemicals, are safe for children and pets, offering highly effective solutions and 180 days of guaranteed mould-free protection. There is a two-step removal process for a mould-free environment:

  •  Visible Mould Removal
    To remove visible mould from surfaces like ceilings, walls, cupboards, and doors
  •  Advanced Antimicrobial Misting
    Applied with an electrostatic sprayer, neutralises 99.99% of airborne mould spores and odours, offering lasting protection

Rentokil: The Guardian Against Pest Invasions

Singapore’s tropical climate attracts a variety of pests, such as termites, mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, and ants. Even the tiniest gaps serve as entry points for these unwelcome intruders into your home.

Rentokil, the leading pest control provider in Asia, provides thorough services surpassing DIY approaches. Professional intervention is vital for lasting solutions.

Rentokil places utmost importance on family safety and wellbeing, offering swift 2×24-hour response-times and tailored services targeting specific pests within the household. Our approach includes pest extermination as well as prevention through pest-proofing solutions and expert advice.

With 300+ NEA-certified Technicians, Rentokil boasts a dedicated team continuously improving through regular training. We gain expertise in pest management, innovations, health and safety protocols, and essential soft skills, ensuring top-notch service and your satisfaction.