Stress is on the rise, especially in Singapore. The crazy cost of living, strain on workers (and non-workers wanting to work), rising mercury and general chaos can take a toll. According to a study at the end of last year, stress levels in the Lion City have increased steadily since 2021, with close to nine in 10 people – a whopping 87 percent – reporting that they felt under pressure. What’s more, the findings catapulted our tiny island into a category above the global average for stress levels.

Finding respite is paramount for our health, wellbeing and state of our anxiety-chewed fingernails. From quiet cafes to blissful therapies, outdoor escapes to relaxing activities, here’s tips on how and where to feel good on the red dot.

Places For Support & Soothing

Yunomori Onsen
Say kon’nichiwa to Kallang Wave Mall where you’ll find a Japanese spa with 11 relaxing onsen baths. You might think you’re in Sapporo rather than a shopping centre thanks to the colourful yukatas (robes), basket of obi (belts), and very-small-and-slightly-embarrassing shower stools which are all the rage in actual Japan. Males and females are separated into different bathing areas that include mineral bubble baths, jet baths, and the Yunomori Signature Bath infused with Epsom salt, tea, and essential oils.
 1 Stadium Place, #02-17/18 Kallang Wave Mall, 397628  yunomori_sg

Release, A Bodytalk Clinic
If your body or mind is feeling out of wack, this holistic clinic might be what you need. “Your physical body represents who you are as a person and conflicts in life show up in the body as poor health,” says founder Sufen Paphassarang. Sufen’s interests lie in how memories and beliefs are formed in fetal life, which are unconscious. Using the science of western medicine as well as ancient philosophies of Chinese and Indian medicine, Sufen balances and improves health by understanding the power that the mind has over the human body.
1 Commonwealth Lane #09-08, 149544

Soma Haus
This small but perfectly formed escape on the East Coast invites you to embark on a journey of recovery and regulation. Soma House is a shophouse-shaped soul saver, summoning clients to reconnect with themselves, learn empowerment through body awareness, and to discover new and alternative treatments to get mind and soul back on track. Try their saunas, ice baths, lymphatic compression and flotation therapy, or just go for a simple yoga, somatic breathwork, or sound bath session.
 108 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01, 427401

Space 2b
If you spend your days in the CBD, you’ll likely feel more stressed than most (especially if lunchtimes include trying to locate a quality sandwich). However, there is a place to escape to amongst the bars and bistros of Stanley Street. Space 2B is a sacred spot where, upon arrival, peace envelopes you. Classes here include mindfulness, relaxation, breathwork, visualisation, movement, sound, and creativity. Being so centrally located, it’s an ideal go-to for meditation before work, a yogic lunch break, or just a nice lie down after a day in the office.
 2B Stanley Street, 068721

Palm Ave Float Club
Do you dream of drifting away? You can do just that at Palm Ave Float Club. Here you’ll find enclosed fibreglass pods filled with 11 inches of soothing, warm salty water, that enable you to float effortlessly. Once inside the pod, you’re devoid of any stimulation such as light (optional) and sound except for some soothing music at the beginning and end of your hour-long experience. In this womb-like environment, it’s believed your body can recover from aches and pains, and your mind can reach a meditative state that’s near impossible to achieve when you live in a bustling city-scape.
 66 Kampong Bugis, #05-01, 338987

Pablo Blau
If you’ve ever wondered what being in the salt mines and caves of Europe feels like, look no further. Coated with pharmaceutical-grade dry salt crystals, treatment rooms here boast a unique salt generator which grinds and emits negative ions and salt particles to create a super-healing space. A bit of time spent immersed in these magical microscopic salt particles is said to improve respiratory conditions like asthma, skin-related issues like eczema, plus a whole bunch of other benefits.
Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, #02-26A, 179103

The Ark Studio
Away from the famous and fancy wellbeing studios, The Ark is a breath of fresh air. Located in an HDB estate, you feel your shoulders drop as you step inside the home of Noel and Fiona, two wellness experts who’ve converted their considerably large living room into a sweeping studio space. Come here for events, yoga classes, private healing sessions, or to indulge in a bit of Taiji bodywork, tai chi, or nurturing of your inner child.
 8 Kim Tian Place, #15-55,163008

Xiu Nature Connections
Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide Youmin Yap and her team provide guided forest bathing sessions in Singapore. Unlike a standard stroll, they encourage you to connect with nature through sensorial experiences such as taking in the scents around you, observing wildlife and – okay – hugging a tree. “I invite you to rest, rise, and thrive – physically, mentally and emotionally,” Youmin says.