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Amanda and Audrey with Coach Yannick

As the school day ends, a small group of pupils make their way to the tennis courts for their training session. It’s only been a few days since Marlborough College Malaysia’s success at the FOBISIA Tennis Championships in Hua Hin, Thailand, where twins Amanda and Audrey achieved the gold and silver medals, but already these two young athletes are keen to be back on the court practising their serves under the careful guidance of professional coaches Yannick and Paulo.

Both girls, now in Year 8, have been training at the College since the age of four. Over the years, their natural talent on the tennis court has been carefully nurtured and they now both play for the Malaysian National Team. Their success is down to their dedication to the sport and to their expert coaches who not only have a wealth of experience but have also been tennis stars in their own right.

“You develop the ability to push through”

Lead Coach Yannick competed in the Davis Cup and was ranked number 3 in Philippine Men’s Tennis from 2006 to 2008, while Coach Paulo was ranked the number one player of Western Visayas Region, Philippines from 2013 – 2019. Being professional tennis players has given these coaches vital insights into developing young athletes to compete at the highest level as well as helping them navigate the psychological aspects of the game.

Learning independence

Pupils have ample space to practise on the six outdoor courts

Coach Yannick’s love for tennis is infectious and he encourages both elite athletes and those trying out tennis for the first time. He explains that, “for our young tennis players we always make sure the sessions are fun. We want them to enjoy the game. We use bigger, softer balls, and smaller indoor courts so that younger pupils can have success early on and find that love for tennis. For our Senior School players, tennis is great physical exercise, but it also teaches pupils to be resilient. Unlike team sports, in tennis you have to be independent and rely on yourself. If you are losing a game you need to develop the ability to push through and this allows players to get stronger mentally.”

There is an emphasis on fun during MCM Tennis lessons

The combination of expert coaching, outstanding facilities, and a focus on fun and skills development has made tennis a beloved sport at Marlborough College Malaysia for all ages and abilities. Lessons are available for Reception age children right up until age 18, alongside the popular Half Term Tennis Camps which are a great way for young athletes to try out the sport in a fun and relaxed environment.

So, with such a successful tennis programme in place, only one question remains: anyone for tennis? To find out more about the tennis programme at Marlborough College Malaysia email admissions@marlboroughcollege.my. Alternatively, visit www.marlboroughcollegemalaysia.org for more information.



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