The Chinese believe that during the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the gates of hell are flung open, and they close 30 days later after the last ghoul is carried home. During this time, there is a traditional festival called Zhong Yuan Jie, or the Hungry Ghost Festival.  This year, the festival will take place from 4 August to 2 September.

To honour deceased ancestors and lost souls, home prayers and huge public commemorations are held all month long. Buddhists offer prayers and offerings and Taoists present feasts full of delectable food, gifts of paper money, joss sticks, and entertainment in an attempt to placate wandering spirits. To amuse these spirits and keep them out of mischief, trade associations and businesses work together to organize ceremonial events that include Getai (stage shows) and Chinese street operas as entertainment for our ghoulish visitors.

Join Diana Chua, our heritage guide, on a trip throughout town to witness the various celebrations of the Hungry Ghost Festival and discover the myths, customs, and symbolic meanings associated with this vibrant celebration. Our tour starts in Chinatown for the Buddhist version of the event, which is where dinner will be held. After dinner, we will venture by private coach into the local heartlands, to join the locals in action as they celebrate this colourful festival.

Date: Sunday 18th August

Time: 5:15pm – 9.30pm

Meet point: 5pm Maxwell TEL MRT Station Exit 1 (near Buddha Tooth Relic Temple)

Cost: $95 ANZA Member, $110 Non-Member

Additional Notes:
Ticket price includes: Professional guide, Vox audio-guides, donations to temples, Chinese dinner and coach transport.

We will finish at MacPherson MRT Station (CCL/DTL), Casual and suitable clothing is required for visiting religious sites. Photography is welcome. The tour will still go ahead in the event of bad weather.