Soccer – Tournaments



The SEA Cup is a prestigious regional soccer tournament for junior boys in South-East Asia. Originally founded in 1988, the SEA Cup is on tested between four youth soccer leagues in the region:

  • Singapore: ANZA Soccer
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer
  • Thailand: Bangkok Soccer League
  • Local guest teams

The age groups represented are U13, U15 and U18. The squads are international and comprise of multiple nationalities. The matches are 11 a side and the competition takes the format of a round robin over a weekend in February each year.

SEA Cup Eligibility

Players who wish to be considered for any of the ANZA Soccer SEA Cup teams must be registered for ANZA soccer or ANZA FCC members (this includes ANZA Association membership), be playing in ANZA Soccer or FCC teams before the tournament and after the tournament. If this is no the case, players will not be eligible for the SEA Cup at any time.