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Monday, June 24, 2024

10 minutes with Albert Louis

Have you always played music? I started to play the bongo drums at nine years old. Over the years I became an instructor at the Yamaha School of Music and played 18 major percussion...

10 minutes with… Singapore’s Centre For Fathering

Being a dad is serious stuff which is why CFF gives help, support and advice to dads in Singapore. Read on for details

10 minutes with… A professional matchmaker

A dating industry expert tells us what she's learnt about love in Singapore

10 minutes with… Belinda Chapple from Bardot

In the late 90s, Belinda Chapple was a member of one of Australia’s biggest girl bands, Bardot. Now she's released a fascinating tell-all book ...

10 minutes with Cheryl Ou, The Social Space

The Social Space is a top spot for relaxing, and meeting people, while also giving back to the community. Check it out

10 Minutes With… artist Hafiiz Karim

Going by the name @thenextmostfamousartist, we think Hafiiz Karim could be onto something!

10 minutes with Dr Loretta Chen

New book M/OTHER takes a deep dive into stories of motherhood less publicised...

10 Minutes With…Stu McDonald, ta moko tattoo artist

Meet the New Zealand ta moko tattoo artist wit the big Singapore following

10 Minutes With… Corinna Lim of AWARE

Why AWARE's women's helpline is essential for women in Singapore and needs your support
The Raffles Affair

10 minutes with Vicki Virtue

ANZA chats to Vicki Virtue, the Second Writer-in-Residence of Raffles Hotel Singapore.