ANZA Executive Committee 2024

Meet the ANZA Executive Committee for 2024, a diverse group of Australian and New Zealand expats who oversee the strategic direction of the association.

President: Megan Kinder

Current Employment: Real Estate Agent & Relocation Consultant, VO Artist & MC
Years in SG: 21
Years on the EC: 8
Why you wanted to join the EC: I’ve been involved in many ANZA groups and activities since 2003 and on the ANZA Cycling Committee since 2010, as Membership Secretary for four years and then President for eight years. With hands-on experience leading one of ANZA’s largest and most prolific sports groups, I was well-placed as a conduit between the micro and macro levels of the association and felt that I could contribute to building, driving, and advancing the community.
Skills you bring: As a relocation consultant, long-term SG resident, long-term ANZA member, and experienced committee member, I bring a deep understanding of our community – who it comprises, how to build and grow it, and how to provide for our members. 

Vice President: Melanie Speet

Current employment: Head of Marketing & Communications at Branded
Years in SG: 8
Years on the EC: 1
Why you wanted to join the EC: I’ve already been on the EC for a year alongside my position as Joint Sports Coordinator, I am also Vice President of ANZA Cycling. ANZA has given me a lot as a community and become my ‘family away from home’, so I’m keen to help others to find their Singapore family through ANZA.
Skills you bring: As a marketer in the events world, bringing communities together is my bread and butter. Beyond that, I’m always looking for new and better ways of working that will benefit the communities I serve.

Treasurer: Tristan Perry

Current employment: Associate Partner at Perpetual
Years in SG: 8
Years on the EC: 7
Why you wanted to join the EC: To be part of the expatriate community and give back to it. I’ve always been grateful to ANZA for such a wonderful network and the members and staff who are continually ready to help and befriend you.
Skills you bring: Accounting skills and knowledge of how ANZA runs. I’m a proud Australian Chartered Accountant and assist ANZA with its accounting alongside ANZA’s internal accounting rockstar Ellie, which is important for day-to-day operations and future planning. As we enter our 76th year of ANZA in Singapore, we need to make sure our association can function for at least another 76 years!  

 Secretary: MaryScot Thom

Current employment: Registered nurse and mum to three children
Years in SG: 9.5
Years on the EC: 3
Why you wanted to join the EC: Despite having lived overseas for such a long period, New Zealand is very much home for our family. I joined ANZA to continue to give back and be a part of such a welcoming and fun community. In my third year on the Executive Committee, I hope to continue to positively give back to ANZA and continue to support a great community for my young family. 
Skills you bring: I’m incredibly passionate about giving back to different communities, highly organised and motivated, and I love being a part of a team.


Membership Secretary: Julia Erakovic

Current Employment: SC Ventures
Years in SG: 4.5
Why you wanted to join the EC: Why you wanted to join the EC: When I moved to Singapore from New Zealand with my family, ANZA’s cycling community of women immediately embraced me. I didn’t know many people here at the time and I was trying to get my footing both personally and professionally. It was incredibly encouraging to be able to ride my bike and create life-long friends within the ANZA community. It is therefore a pleasure to be able to join the Executive Committee and make a positive impact in ANZA. A way of giving back!
Skills you bring: I have a strong digital transformation, design thinking, product and legal background, and offer a unique perspective to problem solving and the ability to contribute to long-term planning and goal-setting.  

Community Services Coordinator: Christopher “Toph” Brown

Current employment: Business Owner, Plonk on Maju & HPM Hobbies
Years in SG: 4.18 (or so!)
Why you wanted to join the EC: As a long-term member, I’ve seen how much the Executive Committee contributes to ANZA and want to be an active part of that effort. ANZA is a true “community” bringing together not just Australians and New Zealanders, but Singaporeans and other nationalities from across the globe. The connections ANZA enables are what make it truly special.
Skills you bring: I’ve had the joy of being involved with the ANZA Scout Group for well over a decade. Within Scouts we have actively pursued community projects and social engagement, often partnering with ANZA Action or other subgroups. Along with community engagement, my professional life has revolved around implementing strategy, with all the challenges of taking a dream and bringing it to life in the real world.

Sports Coordinator: Adam Martin

Current employment: Private Banker
Years in SG: 16
Why you wanted to join the EC: I love the community spirit and engagement that ANZA fosters in Singapore. Over the years ANZA has made thousands of member’s time in the Lion City so much more enjoyable. I enjoy being part of that and continuing the ANZA legacy.
Skills you bring: Having spent 12 years previously on EC including past stints as President and VP, I have a good understanding of the core ethos of the Association and how the far-reaching tentacles of ANZA come together.



Sports Coordinator: Kasia Noske

Current employment: Executive Director, Conduct Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank; and Co-Founder of Expat Handovers
Years in SG: 14
Why you wanted to join the EC: I’m currently Treasurer of the ANZA Soccer Committee. I have two boys aged seven and nine who play for ANZA and are soccer-mad! Given that ANZA Soccer is one of the bigger sports groups, I aim to bring greater visibility to how ANZA Soccer operates and find ways to bring synergies between soccer and the wider ANZA community.
Skills you bring: My background is risk and compliance in the financial industry, in addition to starting up my own business, Expat Handovers, a year ago. Having such a diverse background, with kids in tow, my vast experience will benefit the wider ANZA community, providing insights to help shape ANZA now and in the future.

Committee Member: Don Northey

Current employment: Sole Practitioner Chartered Accountant specialising in SMB’s
Years in SG: 19
Years on the EC: 16
Why you wanted to join the EC: I’ve been an ANZA member since 2006 and attended my first Melbourne Cup that year. I joined the Executive Committee as Treasurer in 2008, and then, after eight years in the role, I took a back seat as a general committee member, providing advice to the finance team as and when required, and continuing to provide event photography for all major ANZA events. I’ve been a member of ANZA’s Secret Men’s Business for 17 years, but that’s all I can tell you.
Skills you bring: ANZA has been a big part of my life for 18 years with fifteen of those being on the Exec Committee. I’m delighted to be able to continue providing my services and professional skills to ANZA as a payments authoriser, and event photographer, and allowing ANZA to benefit from my knowledge of Singapore’s financial and statutory requirements.

Committee Member: Joseph Keats

Current employment: National Sales Manager at Petersons Wines
Years in SG: 7
Why you wanted to join the EC: I like to think I offer a point of difference through my diverse work experience, and ability to communicate effectively with an extensive range of people. I bring a pragmatic and creative approach to problem-solving, and can often offer and appreciate alternative perspectives.
Skills you bring: My professional career has centered around two of my greatest passions – travel and wine. My wife Shelley and I have three kids, and through them we have a great understanding of different facets of Singaporean life for expats. I run regular public events and get to make connections with a massive cross-section of the community. We’re actively involved with numerous clubs, charities, and not-for-profits.

Committee Member: Kylie Barry

Current employment: NatWest Markets
Years in SG: 19
Years on the EC: 1
Why you wanted to join the EC: This is my second time on the EC. It’s great to be a part of a group of like-minded people who love volunteering and helping the ANZA community to thrive. Having being actively involved in ANZA for 18 years, I felt it was time to get back onto the EC to welcome newbies, and to help with volunteering and annual events, namely the Melbourne Cup.
Skills you bring: My HR knowledge and expertise, interpersonal skills, team work and collaboration, and my extensive experience in event organising.

Committee Member: Megan Scott

Current employment: Managing talent and learning projects for an engineering MNC
Years in SG: 12
Years on the EC: 1
Why you wanted to join the EC: As someone who arrived in Singapore without a partner or children, I was especially appreciative of the social safety net provided by ANZA in the early days. More recently, I appreciate ANZA for the opportunity to continue to help others benefit from the connection that being an ANZA member brings, no matter where your sporting, social, or community interests lay. I’m excited to see what the future holds as we face new challenges and take on new opportunities in 2024.
Skills you bring: My day job and background in the hospitality industry have equipped me to make several contributions during my previous years serving on the committee, including facilitation of strategic planning days and assisting with policy documentation. I love being able to play a role in keeping people connected and the community in which we’re living.

Committee Member: Nicola Mifsud-Houghton

Current employment: Commercial Operations Director at GSK
Years in SG: 1
Why you wanted to join the EC: Having recently moved to Singapore I can provide the perspective of someone new to this vibrant and diverse country. I’ve worked in diverse environments and I’m keen to give back, and hope that my experience can benefit the community and represent new members well.
Skills you bring: Over 10 years’ experience in Change Management and driving strategic projects and business transformations. My skills in navigating complex change and managing stakeholder engagement can support ANZA’s growth and initiatives, helping to ensure it remains a vibrant hub for members.

Committee Member: Shaun McEwan

Current employment: Company Director
Years in SG: 13
Years on the EC: 2
Why you wanted to join the EC: Joining the ANZA Executive Committee in 2022 was driven by my desire to contribute to the community. Having benefited greatly from ANZA, the expat community, and Singapore as a whole, I wish to give back in equal measure.
Skills you bring: My extensive experience lies within the events industry, specialising in auctioneering, event emceeing, and fundraising. Currently, I’m the director of several companies in both Singapore and Malaysia, bringing a unique blend of business expertise and a strong understanding of the region. My qualifications and enthusiasm align perfectly with ANZA’s mission, and I’m eager to contribute to the organisation’s continued success.