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ANZA Wombats & Wombettes: Fit for champs!

ANZA Wombats and Wombettes had a blast participating in the 2023 AFL Asia Championship. Read on
ANZA Wombettes

ANZA Wombats Are Here to Stay!

Ben Adams reports on the ever-changing landscape of playing footy in Singapore during the pandemic and how the Wombats and Wombettes are burrowing in for the long haul!  

AFL Update

Ben Adams reports on pre-season training and the ANZA Singapore Wombats and Wombettes long awaited return to the field.

ANZA Wombats AFL is Back!

Join the ANZA Wombat’s AFL crew for pre-season training competition – which starts on 27 February. Whether you’re elite, beginner or somewhere in between, you’ll get a fitness boost and meet a bunch of great people. Ben Adam’s reports on what to expect for the club’s 2021 season.


Find out more about the incredible camraderie and spirit of the ANZA Singapore Wombat's AFL club

Footy is back!

The wombats are out of their burrows and back on the field ready for another stellar season. ANZA Singapore Wombats Communications Manager Ben Adams reports…
ANZA Singapore Wombats AFL team President Dion Shaw

In The Hot Seat

Richard Coney speaks to the 2018 ANZA Singapore Wombats President, Dion Shaw.
ANZA Singapore Wombats AFL team

Aiming High

ANZA AFL: ANZA Singapore Wombat's Committee President, Dion Shaw looks forward to a season of hard work on and off the field.“New Year, New Me” is generally the rallying cry shouted by many during...