The 2023 AFL Asia Championship is an annual tournament that sees Asian national sides face off to contest for the title of champions of Asia. Also known as the ‘Champs’, the event has been taking place since 1999 and now sees over 20 teams and 500+ players attend. This September, our ANZA Wombats and Wombettes were some of them!

ANZA Wombettes

ANZA Wombettes went in as a defending AFLW Asian champion to the women’s division which comprised eight teams – the biggest number of participants ever! The Bettes absolutely smashed Pool 1, winning against Indonesia Volcanos, Hongkong Dragons, and Cambodia Apsaras. They proceeded to go into the semi-final as a runner-up and played against their rival, Malaysia Warriors Women’s team, completing the 4th clean sheets victory of the day.

The Grand Final was held as the last game of the championship and the Bettes played against Vietnam Lady Swans. We fought strong until the end, and came very close to a back-to-back victory, but the title wasn’t ours to take this year. Despite this, our mighty captain Catherine MacLean was awarded the well-deserved title of AFLW Asia Best Player 2023. Well deserved, boss!

ANZA Wombats

ANZA Wombats participated in the men’s division and played against Vietnam Swans, PNG, and Indonesia Volcanos. The Bats gave it their all and played some close games, but unfortunately lost out on the victory. Despite this, the team proved real strength throughout the 2023 season winning some international matches and both games in the Changi Cup. They’re looking forward to returning even stronger in 2024!

Champs Scores (Total):
Vietnam vs. Singapore: 38 to 00
PNG vs. Singapore: 27 to 06
Indonesia vs. Singapore: 15 to 13

Champs Scores (Total):
Singapore vs. Indonesia: 14 to 00
Singapore vs. HongKong: 45 to 00
Singapore vs. Cambodia: 09 to 00
Singapore vs. Malaysia: 16 to 00
Vietnam vs. Singapore: 24 to 21




The All Asian 2023 Players from the ANZA teams

Stewart Gray
Jethro Hurle
Josh Horton

Catherine MacLean
Anita Fox
Mallory Colys