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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Why it’s ripper to be an ANZA Nipper!

It's great to be part of our inclusive group of life savers and strong swimmers. Here's whay

ANZA Nippers start 2024 on a high

The 2024 season of ANZA Nippers kicks off on 3 March, 2024. Here's how last season wrapped up

The beach is back for ANZA Nippers!

Sights are set on Nippers’ skills developing well into 2024. See how they're going so far

ANZA Nippers: Break time!

Nippers is back, but how did our ocean-loving crew spend the summer? Read on

What to know about ANZA Nippers

ANZA’s 75th anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on everything the association has done for its members and expats in Singapore. Moving to a foreign country can be a very daunting experience and...

ANZA Nippers: Enter the Bronze Age!

The parents’ ocean skills were tested at their Nippers Bronze Medallion training

ANZA Nippers: Generation ocean warriors

Over the years, each ANZA Nippers session has started with a beach clean-up: Age Managers and their respective age groups scour Palawan beach, picking up rubbish and disposing of it in the correct bins....
ANZA Nippers

Nippers need YOU!

Sign ups for Nippers is at an all-time high but the ANZA community need your help!

Bringing ANZA Nippers back!

ANZA Nippers who are starting to embrace a new back-to-normal down on Palawan Beach.
ANZA Nippers

Learn 5 skills for life at ANZA Nippers

At ANZA Nippers you'll get sand in between your toes, salt in your hair, and gain life skills that are best taught by the ocean.