Stitches | ANZA

Most Thursdays at 10am this small needlecraft group meets at the ANZA office to work on various projects, share ideas and form new friendships. They also head out occasionally to discover Singapore’s crafting and sewing world.

Anyone who is quilts, knits, crochets, embroiders, or does any other needlecraft is invited to join. All skill levels are welcome. Have you begun a needlecraft that you never finished? Well, dig it out and come along to ANZA Stitches! Our group works on everything from hand quilting, appliqué, paper piecing, a quilt top or embroidery, to sewing buttons on a dress or knitting a scarf.

New class. Master the art of crochet with ANZA Stitches! Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn or looking to rediscover the joy of crafting granny squares, this crochet class is for you. For more details, reach out to the ANZA office at or call us at 6291 6301. Let the stitches of imagination weave your crafting journey with ANZA!

The group likes to try different styles and new techniques and discuss the latest notions, fabrics, yarn, tools, designs and where to shop for them all! “I often feel motivated to go home and start a new project after we meet. There’s also an opportunity to develop friendships with like-minded people and fun days out to explore Singapore.”

Registration to ANZA Stitches is only available to ANZA members. Click here to Join ANZA! or contact the ANZA office for more information.