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1. The Name of the Association shall be The Australian and New Zealand Association (Singapore)


2. In these Rules unless the context otherwise requires:

“Associate Member” shall mean a Member who is granted membership of the Association under Rule 4(4);

“The Association” shall mean The Australian and New Zealand Association (Singapore);

“The Committee” shall mean the Executive Committee of Management for the time being appointed under Rule 10;

“General Meeting” shall mean either an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Association;

“Honorary Life Member” shall mean a Member who is granted membership of the Association under Rule 4(2);

“Honorary Member” shall mean a Member who is granted membership of the Association under the Rule 4(3);

“Member” and “Members” shall mean a Member or Members of the Association as determined under Rule 4;

“Online Privacy Policy” shall mean the online privacy policy set out in the Third Schedule;

“Ordinary Member” shall mean a Member who is granted membership of the Association under rule 4(1) and who is in current compliance with Rule 5A;

“Ordinary Membership” shall mean the contingent of an Ordinary Member and his or her spouse, partner or any dependants who, by virtue of Rule 4(5), become Ordinary Members;

“The Rules” shall mean the rules as set out in this Constitution of the Association as may be amended from time to time;

“Special Committees” shall mean ad-hoc sub-committees appointed by the Committee, from time to time, which are established to perform certain specified tasks;

“Sporting Associate” shall mean a member who is granted access to the Association’s sporting facilities and other services as specified under Rule 4(7);

“Term” shall mean the term of office of a Committee member being the period from election or appointment of the Member to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting or pursuant to Rule 16(2) until the next Annual General Meeting.


3. The objects of the Association shall be:

(1) To promote a beneficial acquaintance among Australians and New Zealanders in and around Singapore and opportunities for fellowship among Australians and New Zealanders whether residents or visitors and generally to promote and further the interests of Australians and New Zealanders in Singapore;

(2) To foster goodwill between Australians and New Zealanders in Singapore as well as goodwill between Members, Singaporeans and people of other nationalities;

(3)  To take part in any official activity bearing the name of Australia and / or New Zealand when called upon to do so or when the opportunity occurs;

(4)  To undertake charitable work in the name of the Association;

(5)  To organize the observance of Australian and/or New Zealand national occasions;

(6)  To promote participation in sports and facilitate such participation for the interests of its members.


3A. In furtherance of the above objects, the Association shall do all that is necessary and expedient to give effect to the objects of the Association, which may include any of the following powers:

(1)  To purchase, take on lease or exchange, hire or otherwise acquire and maintain any real or personal property and any rights and privileges in relation thereto;

(2)  To sell, exchange, lease, mortgage, hire, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the real or personal property of the Association;

(3)  To appoint, employ, remunerate, grant an honorarium, remove or suspend such persons as may be necessary or convenient;

(4)  To invest and deal with the money of the Association not immediately required, in such manner as may from time to time be thought fit;

(5)  To take, or otherwise acquire and hold shares, debentures or other securities of any company or body corporate;

(6)  To borrow or raise money either alone or jointly with any other person or legal entity in such manner as may be thought proper and whether upon fluctuating advance account or overdraft or otherwise to represent or secure any monies and further advances borrowed or to be borrowed alone or with others as aforesaid by notes secured or unsecured, debenture or debenture stock, perpetual or otherwise, or by mortgage, charge, lien or other security upon the whole or any part of the Association’s property or assets, present or future and to purchase, redeem or pay-off such security;

(7)  To take any gift of property whether subject to any special trust or not;

(8)  To take such steps by personal or written appeals, public meetings or otherwise for the purpose of securing contributions to the funds of the Association in the shape of donations, annual and half-annual subscriptions or otherwise;

(9)  To provide support activities for Members, including the maintenance of an office;

(10)  To foster good working relationships with other similar organizations;

(11)  To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the object in the exercise of the powers of the Association.


3B. Any property and income of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association as set out herein and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to or amongst the members of the Association PROVIDED THAT nothing in the Rules shall prevent the payment in good faith of interest to any such member in respect of monies advanced by him or her or of remuneration or honorarium to any officers or servants of the Association, or to any member of the Association, or other person in return for any services actually performed or rendered to the Association AND PROVIDED THAT nothing in the Rules shall be construed so as to prevent the repayment to any member of out-of-pocket expenses and interest on money lent or hire of goods or rent for premises demised to the Association.


3C. The funds of the Association shall be deposited in such bank as may from time to time be determined by the Committee. Such funds may be placed on fixed deposit or current account. Any other property of the Association shall be held in such manner as the Committee may determine from time to time.


4. (1) Ordinary membership of the Association shall be open to any person residing permanently or temporarily in Singapore who holds a current Australian or New Zealand passport. Any person who does not hold a current Australian or New Zealand passport and is an Ordinary Member immediately before the date of coming into force of these Rules shall continue to be an Ordinary Member. Any Ordinary Member is eligible to hold office and make a motion and vote at any General Meeting.

(2) Honorary Life membership shall, on the recommendation of the Committee, be conferred at a General Meeting upon any Member for outstanding service to the Association. Only those Honorary Life Members resident in Singapore and over the age of twenty-one (21) years of age, as at the date of a General Meeting, shall have the right to hold office, make a motion and vote at any such General Meeting of the Association.

(3) Honorary membership may, on the recommendation of the Committee be conferred at a General Meeting, upon any person whose membership is considered to be in the interests of the Association or who has made a significant contribution to the Association. Such Honorary Members will have none of the obligations of membership to the Association but will have the same benefits and privileges as Ordinary Members, except they will not be eligible to hold office and cannot make a motion nor vote at any General Meeting of the Association.

(4) Associate membership may, on the recommendation of the Committee, be conferred at any time upon any person for any reason the Committee may deem fit. Such Associate Members will have the same benefits and privileges as Ordinary Members, except they will not be eligible to hold office and cannot make a motion nor vote at any General Meeting of the Association.

(4A) Persons who are distinguished in public life or have contributed significantly to the furtherance of the objects of the Association may be invited by the Committee to serve as Patrons from time to time. Patrons will not be eligible to hold office and cannot make a motion nor vote at any General Meeting of the Association, unless they are also an Ordinary Member.

(5) The spouse, partner and/or dependants of an Ordinary Member or Associate Member or Honorary Life Member shall, upon application, become Members in the same category of membership, free of any additional subscription but subject to Rule 25(1).

(6) Ordinary Members shall at all times comprise a proportion of at least 51% of the total membership of the Association (in relation to Associate Members) and no new memberships of other membership categories may be granted or conferred if to do so would reduce the percentage of Ordinary Members below 51% of all Members.

(7) Sporting Associateship may, on the recommendation of the Committee, be conferred at any time upon any person for any reason the Committee may deem fit. Provided that;

(i) Where a separate association or body organizes sports activities for the Association and charges a separate subscription, any participants shall also pay a Sporting Associateship subscription to the Association, upon demand. Such Sporting Associates shall be entitled to participate only in sporting activities and have such benefits and privileges as access to the teams and the use of the sporting facilities of the Association; the receipt of the ANZA Magazine and other Association material; and whatever other benefits and privileges the Association may decide at its discretion to extend, but Sporting Associates will not be eligible to hold office and cannot make a motion nor vote at any General Meeting of the Association or be counted as Members for the purposes of Rule 4(6).

(ii) Where the Association organizes a sporting activity directly for its Members, then any person participating at such sporting activity must be an Ordinary or Associate Member.


5. Application for membership shall be made online at the Association’s website, or by application in writing to the ANZA’s address for correspondence as set out in Rule 32, and must be accompanied by the relevant membership fee as set out in Rule 7(2) and as communicated by the Association from time to time. The Committee shall have full discretionary power to accept or refuse any application or renewal for membership without assigning any reason.


5A. Every Member shall be bound by and submit to the Constitution of the Association as well as any by-laws and policies and all Members who wish to participate in the activities of the Association shall pay their subscriptions in accordance with Rule 7(1).


6. The Association may hold information provided by Members and Sporting Associates to the Association in a Membership/Sporting Associate database, and may share such information with other Members/Sporting Associates only for the purposes of providing services to its Members/Sporting Associates including the sending of information about events and activities, sending Members/Sporting Associates notifications of subscriptions renewals and to keep Members/Sporting Associates informed of additional services available to Members/Sporting Associates from the Association and other people. The Association may not sell or otherwise distribute database information about individual Members/Sporting Associates to third parties.


6A. (1) The Association has adopted the Online Privacy Policy.

(2)  The Association agrees to abide by the terms of the Online Privacy Policy.

(3)  The terms of the Online Privacy Policy may be amended by a simple majority of those voting membership attending a quorate meeting. In the event of an equality of votes, the President or the person selected to chair the General Meeting in the President’s absence shall have a second or casting vote.


7. (1) Membership/Sporting Associateships shall be organized as a subscription period of 12 months from the date of joining or renewing (or six months from date of joining or renewing membership if six month membership is applicable) at the discretion of the Association. The subscription for Members/Sporting Associates shall be paid in advance without demand, by the commencement of each subscription period provided that Honorary Life Members and Honorary Members shall not be required to pay any subscription.

(2) Annual and half-annual subscriptions, set by the Committee from time to time, shall be within the maximum subscription limits set out in the First Schedule and once received by the Association, the subscriptions shall not be refundable.


8. The Committee may, for sufficient cause, rule by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Committee, that any person’s membership shall cease. At least one month’s written notice shall be given to such Member before the meeting of the Committee at which such action is proposed.

There shall be no appeal from the decision of the Committee to terminate a membership.


9. (1) Any Member or Sporting Associate may resign from the Association at any time by giving written notice to the Membership Secretary. Such resignation shall take effect at the time such notice is received by the Membership Secretary unless a later date is specified in the notice, when it shall take effect on that later date.

(2) A Member or Sporting Associate shall be deemed to have resigned if‑

(A) they leave Singapore permanently, except where the Member advises the Membership Secretary that such Member wishes to retain their membership;
(B) their annual subscription remains unpaid for a period exceeding one (1) calendar month from the commencement of the next subscription period.


10. (1) The management of the Association shall be vested in an Executive Committee of Management, which shall consist of current Ordinary Members, elected to the following honorary positions at each Annual General Meeting:

(i)  A President

(ii)  A Vice-President

(iii)  An Association Secretary

(iv) A Membership Secretary

(v) A Treasurer

(vi) A Community Services Coordinator

(vii) Up to two (2) Sporting Coordinators who shall represent the sports’ subcommittees

(viii) Up to six (6) Ordinary Committee Members

(2) The Committee may appoint Special Committees and co-opt Members to the Special Committees as and when deemed necessary and expedient however, such co-opted Members shall not be entitled to vote at Committee meetings and shall perform their service voluntarily, as shall the Committee Members. The Committee may delegate to any Special Committee, duties and authorities appropriate to its function so long as those duties and authorities are in accordance with the Rules.

(2A)  All Special Committees shall periodically report their proceedings to the Committee at its meetings and shall conduct their business in accordance with the directions of the Committee.

(2B)  The Committee may invite individuals to attend its meetings from time to time provided that the invitees shall only participate as non-voting members of the Committee during any given meeting.

(3) In accordance with Rule 16(2) the Committee may also appoint Committee members (being current Ordinary Members) to fill a vacancy in the Committee which may arise during the Term.

(4) the Committee shall be elected annually and each officer shall hold office for the Term or until his or her resignation or replacement in accordance with the Rules.

(5)  Persons under the age of twenty-one (21) years shall not be eligible for Committee Membership.

(6)  At all times, each Committee Member shall:

(i) act in good faith and within the ambit of the Rules as well as any bylaws or policies of the Association; and

(ii) use reasonable diligence in carrying out his or her duties.


11. Various specific duties shall be assigned to some Committee members, including:

(1)  The President shall represent the Association in its dealings with outside persons and may chair General and Committee meetings.

(2)  The Vice-President shall assist the President and deputise for him or her during any absence of the President.

(3)  The Association Secretary shall keep all records, except financial, of the Association and shall be responsible for their correctness. He or she will keep minutes of all General and Committee meetings.

(4)  The Membership Secretary shall process applications for membership and renewals and ensure that an up-to-date register of Members is maintained at all times.

(5)  The Treasurer shall keep all funds and collect and disburse all moneys on behalf of the Association and shall keep an account of all monetary transactions and shall be responsible for their correctness. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit the Balance Sheet of the Association for audit to the auditor of the Association every year as well as present the audited Balance Sheet at each Annual General Meeting. He or she is authorized to expend up to $500.00 per month for petty expenses on behalf of the Association. He or she will not keep more than $500.00 in the form of cash and money in excess of this will be deposited in a bank to be named by the Committee in accordance with Rule 3C.

(6)  The Sports Coordinators will monitor and co-ordinate any sports activity carried out in the name of the Association and shall be responsible for reporting to the Committee about such activities and related issues.

(7)  The Community Services Coordinator will monitor and co-ordinate any charitable activity of the Association and shall be responsible for reporting to the Committee about such activities and related issues.

(8)  The Ordinary Committee Members will attend monthly Committee Meetings and other adhoc events during the year; Ordinary Committee Members will also sit on sub committees as directed by the Committee.


12. At least seven (7) days’ notice of meeting shall be given in writing by the Committee provided that a meeting may be called with less than seven (7) days’ notice where a majority of the Committee is informed in writing or otherwise of such meeting and such meeting is quorate notwithstanding.


13. Any member of the Committee absent from four (4) consecutive meetings, without consent of the Committee, shall cease to be a Committee member thereof unless the Committee waives the enforcement of this Rule.


14. (1) Any Committee member shall cease to hold office immediately:

(a)  if he or she dies or becomes a bankrupt or of unsound mind;

(b)  subject to Rule 13, if he or she is absent from the Republic of Singapore for a period of more than four (4) consecutive months;

(c)  if he or she submits notice of resignation in accordance with this Rule;

(d)  if he or she ceases to be a voting member; or

(e)  if, in the discretion of the Committee by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, the best interests of the Association would be better served thereby however, removal under this sub-Rule must be ratified by ordinary resolution passed at a General Meeting called for the purpose or purposes that include the removal of a Committee member.

(2)  Any Committee member may resign from the Committee by giving notice in writing to the Secretary. Such resignation shall take effect at the time such notice is received by the Secretary unless a later date is specified in the notice, when it shall take effect on that later date.

(3)  Any vacancy in the Committee may be filled by the Committee at any time in accordance with Rule 16(2) for the remainder of the Committee’s unexpired portion of the Term, provided that the President may not also take a dual role and fill the position of Treasurer concurrently.

(4)  Any changes in the Committee shall be notified to the Registrar of Societies within two (2) weeks of the change.


15. At all Committee meetings, of which due notice has been given in accordance with Rule 12, at least one half of the total number of Committee members shall form a quorum. Subject to Rules 8 and 14, the Committee shall decide all questions by a simple majority of the Committee members attending a quorate meeting. In the event of an equality of votes, the President or, in the event neither the President nor Vice-President are present, the appointed Chairperson for the meeting shall have a second and casting vote.


16. The Committee shall do all things necessary to advance the objects of the Association, including but not limited to:

(1) administer the Association in accordance with the Rules, any by-laws and policies;

(2) fill any vacancy in its body or in the office of the auditor;

(3) recommend one or more patrons of the Association as Honorary Members;

(4) appoint such Special Committees as may be considered advisable, including the power to appoint to such Special Committees persons who are not members of the Committee;

(4A) appoint an Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer from time to time as it sees fit and such appointments shall be in accordance with the Rules and effective until the next Annual General Meeting, his or her replacement or resignation in accordance with Rules 13 and 14;

(5) enlist the services of any person for the purpose of assisting in any business of the Association;

(6) apply the funds of the Association in any such manner as it shall deem expedient in furtherance of the Objects of the Association;

(7) enter into contracts for the purposes and incidental to the carrying out of the Objects of the Association;

(8) terminate membership of any Member as provided in Rule 8;

(9) prepare reports and accounts of the Association’s affairs for the Annual General Meeting;

(10) make and establish by-laws or policies to regulate the activities, conduct, rights and liabilities ofMembers and Special Committees, which shall bind all Members to whom they apply, provided that such by-laws or policies shall not have retrospective force and effect;

(11) prescribe and implement penalties and measures for the enforcement of all such by-laws and policies;

(12) amend the annual subscription payable by Members and Sporting Associates;

(13) otherwise act in any manner deemed reasonably necessary by the Committee where provision for such action has not been made in these Rules.


17. (1) The supreme authority of the Association is vested in a General Meeting of the Members.

(2) There must be one Annual General Meeting each calendar year, which shall be held as soon as possible after the 28th February in every year and, in any event, not later than the next succeeding 31st March for the following purposes:

(i) To receive the reports and balance sheet of the Association for the prior calendar year ending 31 December;

(ii) To elect the Committee for the ensuing 12 months;

(iii) To appoint an auditor to audit the Association’s accounts;

(iv) To decide on any alteration of or addition to the Rules or any other resolution of which notice has been given as hereunder provided:

(v) To transact any other business arising in accordance with the Rules and objects of the Association.

(3) In the event of there being insufficient nominations to fill all the positions on the Committee or there being no nomination for the office of auditor, such positions or office shall be filled under Rule 16(2) as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting.


18. Any Member desirous of moving any resolution at any General Meeting shall give notice thereof in writing to the Committee Secretary at least ten (10) days before the date of any General Meeting.


19. The Committee may at any time call a Special General Meeting whenever it thinks fit and shall do so within thirty (30) days on the signed requisition of ten (10) Members made in writing to the Secretary and stating the business to be transacted at such meeting. If the Committee shall fail for a period of fourteen (14) days after such requisition is made to call a meeting in accordance with such requisition, a meeting may be called by the requisitionists on the same notice and in the same manner as is required for a General Meeting called by the Committee.


20. Not less than fourteen (14) days’ notice in writing shall be given of every Annual or Special General Meeting, together with the business to be transacted thereat. In the case of Special General Meetings, decisions shall be confined to the matters specific in the notice.

21. Such notice shall set out the date, time and venue for the General Meeting and the agenda including the text of any resolutions proposed for consideration. The notice shall be accompanied by an absentee ballot form (the format of which is found in Schedule Two), which allows a vote ‘for’, ‘against’ and ‘abstain’ on all resolutions as well as the nomination of a proxy to attend the General Meeting.

22. Any requisite notices to be sent pursuant to the Rules, shall be sent by ordinary post or electronic mail, as the Committee deems fit, to the current address of each Member however, the non-receipt by any Member of such notice shall not invalidate the subsequent passage of any resolution passed at a subsequent General Meeting.


23. (1) The quorum at a General Meeting shall be fifteen (15) voting members present in person or represented by absentee ballot. If at any General Meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be adjourned to such time and place as may be decided by the voting members present, not being less than fourteen (14) days later and for which the Secretary has given at least seven (7) days’ notice. At such adjourned meeting, the voting members present shall form a quorum but shall have no power to amend any part of the existing Rules unless at least fifteen (15) voting members are present.

(2) Non-voting members may attend General Meetings, with approval of the Committee, but shall not be entitled to make a motion or cast a vote. Non-voting members shall not count towards a quorum.


24. At all General Meetings or Committee meetings, the President shall take the chair. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside. In the absence of the President and Vice-President, a voting member selected by the relevant meeting shall preside.


25. (1) Voting at a General Meeting shall be by ballot unless otherwise determined by the Committee however, only one vote shall be accepted on behalf of any one voting Membership.

(2) In the case of election of Committee members at an Annual General Meeting, two (2) scrutineers shall be appointed from the Members in attendance and a secret ballot shall be taken where more than one nomination is received for each position. The voting member who receives the majority of votes shall be the successful candidate.

(3) Only Ordinary Members and Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to vote in the election or removal of Committee members and for any other matters at General Meetings. Each voting member shall be entitled to vote by absentee ballot or by proxy however, the nominated proxy must be a current voting member, at the time of the General Meeting. Proxies shall be considered as part of the quorum.

(4) Subject to Rules 28 and 31, the voting members shall decide all questions by a simple majority of those voting members attending a quorate meeting. In the event of an equality of votes, the President or the person selected to chair the General Meeting in the President’s absence shall have a second or casting vote.


26. The financial year of the Association shall end on the 31st day of December each year to which day the accounts shall be balanced.


27. The accounts shall be audited by the Association’s auditor prior to presentation at the next Annual General Meeting.


28. The Association shall not amend these Rules without the prior approval in writing of the Registrar of Societies. No alteration of or addition to these Rules shall be made except at a General Meeting by a resolution carried by a majority of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the votes of the total voting membership attending such meeting in person or by proxy.


29. In the event of any question or matter pertaining to day-to-day administration, which is not expressly provided for in the Rules, the by-laws and policies, the Committee shall have the power to use its own discretion. The decision of the Committee shall be final unless it is reversed at a General Meeting.


30. In the event of any dispute arising amongst Members, they may attempt to resolve the matter at a Special General Meeting in accordance with the Rules.


31. (1) The Association shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of at least three-fifths (3/5) of the total number of Members entitled to vote, expressed either in person or by proxy, at a General Meeting convened for the purpose.

(2) A Certificate of Dissolution shall be given within seven (7) days of the dissolution, to the Registrar of Societies.

(3) In the event of the Association being dissolved, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Association shall be fully discharged and any assets remaining shall be distributed in such a manner as the General Meeting of Members may determine or donated to an approved charity or charities in the Republic of Singapore.


32. The registered place of business of the Association shall be 47A Kampong Bahru Road Singapore 169361 or such other address as may subsequently be decided upon by the Committee and approved by the Registrar of Societies. The Association shall carry out its activities only in places and premises, which have the prior written approval from the relevant authorities, where necessary. Its address for correspondence shall be:

Australian & New Zealand Association (Singapore)
261A Beach Road
Singapore 199541.


33. (1) Gambling of any kind, excluding the promotion or conduct of a private lottery which has been permitted under the Private Lotteries Act Cap 250, is forbidden on the Association’s premises. The introduction of materials for gambling or drug taking and of bad characters into the premises is prohibited.

(2) The funds of the Association shall not be used to pay the fines of members who have been convicted in court of law.

(3) The Association shall not engage in any trade union activity as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.

(4) The Association shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.

(5) The Association shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its members or not, in the name of the Association or its office-bearers, Committee or members unless with the prior approval of the relevant authorities.

(6) The Association shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purposes without the prior approval in writing of the Assistant Director Operations, Licensing Division, Singapore Police Force and other relevant authorities.





Ordinary MemberS$ 300.00
Associate MemberS$ 300.00
Sporting AssociateS$ 300.00
Honorary Life MemberS$ nil
Honorary MemberS$ nil


Ordinary MemberS$ 150.00
Associate MemberS$ 150.00
Sporting AssociateS$ 150.00
Honorary Life MemberS$ nil
Honorary MemberS$ nil





I, ____________________________________________________________of ____________________________________________________________ in the Republic of Singapore, being entitled to vote by proxy pursuant to the Rules ofthe Australian & New Zealand Association (Singapore) (the “Association”) hereby appoint ______________________________ (or failing him/her*, the Chairman) as my proxy to vote on my behalf at the Annual/Special* General Meeting of the Association to be held on the ____________ day of _________________________ , 20____ on all business thereat at my proxy’s discretion/in the manner I now direct*:

Resolution 1. For____ Against____ Abstain
Resolution 2. Etc…

Dated at __________________ this ________ day of _____________ ,20____.


(Signed by the Member appointing a Proxy)

* Delete whichever is not applicable





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Accessing, Reviewing and Changing Your Personal Information

You can see, review and change most of your personal information by signing on to ANZA. Generally, we will not manually modify your personal information because it is very difficult to verify your identity remotely. You must promptly update your personal information if it changes or is inaccurate. Once you make a public posting, you may not be able to change or remove it. Upon your request, we will close your account and remove your personal information from view as soon as reasonably possible, based on your account activity and in accordance with applicable law. We do retain personal information from closed accounts to comply with law, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, and take other actions otherwise permitted by law.


We treat data as an asset that must be protected and use lots of tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. However, as you probably know, third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, and other users may abuse or misuse your personal information that they collect from the site. Therefore, although we work very hard to protect your privacy, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information or private communications will always remain private.


We may amend the prevailing Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended terms on this website and such amendments will take effect immediately. If your questions are not answered online, you may write to us at: 47A Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169361.