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Using telemedicine services in health insurance plans

Access healthcare services remotely using telecommunications technology for faster, effective healthcare

What’s the deal with weight loss drugs?

As more weightloss drugs become available in Singapore, we look at the pros and cons

Do you need the treadmill test?

Also known as the cardiac treadmill test, stress test or exercise electrocardiogram (ECG), the treadmill test is a diagnostic procedure used to evaluate how well the heart responds to stress or exercise. Sometimes it...

What causes bunions & what to try before surgery

The first stop for bunions doesn’t need to be a surgical operation. Read on for more details on dealing with them

Vaping & oral health: What you need to know

Vaping can make a negative impact on your teeth and gums, including risks of decay and gum disease. Read on

6 things you don’t know about your toothpaste!

Uncover surprising facts about toothpaste usage and learn valuable tips for optimal oral care

Subtle signs of a concussion – what to look out for

Hiw do you know if its a headached or concussion? Dr Hutchins at Osler Health shares some helpful tips

Sleep breathing disorders – your dentist can help

Want to say goodbye to sleepless nights? Here's how to nip sleep breathing disorders in the bud

Travel vaccines to plan before your trip

Easy travel is one of the highlights of living in Singapore, but don't jump on a plane until you've been jabbed!

The power of connection

Read on for how Lifestyle Medicine can help your health, wellbeing, and enhance everyday life