ANZA Executive Committee Positions | ANZA

*Please note these are volunteer roles


The President of ANZA provides vision and strategic leadership to the Association, ensuring the needs of members are met in accordance with ANZA’s constitution and Singapore laws. The President prepares a monthly report, writes a column for the magazine, and chairs monthly Executive Committee (EC) meetings. The President represents ANZA at key events and functions.

Vice President

The Vice President of ANZA provides executive-level support to the President, attends the monthly EC meeting and chairs in the absence of the President. They represent ANZA at key events.

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary of ANZA provides administrative support to the President, Vice President and Executive Treasurer. They take minutes at the EC meetings, receive and respond to correspondence, maintain ANZA records, and assist in a regular review of operational and administrative management of the ANZA EC.

Executive Treasurer

The Executive Treasurer of ANZA is responsible for all financial aspects of the ANZA EC, and maintains contact with the various treasurers within ANZA. They ensure ANZA accounts are available to the EC’s nominated auditor and are presented at the Annual General Meeting. They present a monthly financial report at the EC meeting.

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary coordinates various activities concerning membership, including marketing and membership drives. They prepare a membership report for the EC meeting.

Community Service Coordinator

The Community Service Coordinator (CSC) oversees ANZA Action, the community affairs arm for ANZA in Singapore. The CSC communicates with ANZA’s supported local charity organisations, looks for suitable fundraising and volunteering opportunities, and ensures ANZA’s charitable events are effectively organised and marketed.

Sporting Coordinators (2 Positions)

The Sporting Coordinators provide support to ANZA’s sporting groups. Each coordinator is responsible for communicating regularly with these groups, as well as facilitating and chairing meetings of the ANZA Sports Committee leaders. They attend the monthly EC meeting, and individual sporting groups’ meetings when required.

Executive Committee Members (6 Positions)

Executive Committee members provide various executive level support to the President, Vice President and Executive Committee, depending on their individual experience and skill set. EC Members are elected from the ANZA community and are expected to attend the EC meeting.