Tiny Tots Nature Play | ANZA

Tiny Tots Nature Play is a new ANZA group inviting families to bring their active toddlers aged 6 months and above for nature-based playdates across Singapore in a relaxed, informal setting.

Our meet-up locations are varied and take place at different natural spots around the island on Saturday or Sunday mornings from 9.30am – 11.30am. Wherever we go, the focus of the group will stay the same: to have fun in the great outdoors, get messy, and to go home tired! (This is the aim for the children, not the parents!).

Not only is Tiny Tots Nature Play a brilliant way to get toddlers outside and playing within nature, but it’s also a lovely opportunity for parents to meet like-minded families looking to find outdoor activities for their children before they are old enough to consider joining the likes of ANZA Nippers, ANZA Soccer, ANZA Scouts and ANZA Netball.


Register now to be a part of ANZA’s Tiny Tots Nature Play group and receive the WhatsApp link for our chat to keep up to date with our regular meet-up locations across Singapore. This is also where we’ll share discount codes for specific outdoorsy venues exclusively for this group.

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