It was quite the celebration when the Nippers community finally reunited on the beach to resume the second half of the 2023 season. There was a buzz in the air and lots of smiling faces during and after the session as children and parents mingled with all age groups. 

As we bid farewell to some of our families, Nippers welcomed many newbies too; constant change is part of living in a transient place like Singapore. Once again, we kicked off the second half just how we finished the first – with a sausage sizzle in true Aussie style! Any excuse to fire up the barbie, especially when our sponsors so generously support our events (thank you!). 

Photo by David Lau

Training ramps up

As we begin again, it’s time for our Nippers to focus on the upcoming club championships. The children will compete in key Nippers disciplines such as swimming, wading, beach sprint, board race and flags. Nippers can place first, second and third in their respective age groups and going by last year’s championships, some of our Nippers wait all year to show their competitive side on the day of the event. 

Our Age Managers and assistants ensure that by the end of the season everyone has acquired the skills to move on to the next age group. All Nippers receive a certificate of completion and are being cheered on by their mates, regardless of how they rank in the races. At the end of the day, Nippers is about gaining confidence in the water, learning life skills and making friends.

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Many families say they feel blessed to be part of the ANZA Nippers community, and we agree! To experience just how special our group is, from March 2024 we’re opening up the U6 age group to children born in 2018. Make sure you place your child on the ever-growing waitlist by emailing or signing up via the ANZA website at 

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