How’s the dating scene in SG today?
It will always remain vibrant as Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with a substantial number of expatriates looking for connection while anchoring their roots here. What’s interesting is that dating among seniors has become more widely accepted and more people are finding love at a later age.

What’s been the biggest change to dating over the past 20 years?
The scene has shifted globally because dating apps are now prevalent and acceptable. More people are networking online, but in the age of AI, they’re craving real, authentic connections more than ever. No amount of chatting online can replace a face-to-face meeting where you can feel chemistry.

Did Covid affect the love landscape?
Definitely. A lot of people put their dating life on pause, but sometimes it takes a crisis for people to reconsider their priorities. When the pandemic ended, many singles, especially those in their 40s and upwards started reviving their dating lives. At this age, people don’t tend to use their careers as an excuse not to delve into finding their dream partner.

You are CEO of dating agency, Date High Flyers (DHF). How did you become a matchmaker?
I trained as a journalist and I’m also a people person. Being naturally curious, getting to know my clients, and building a safe and dependable relationship is my forte. I was also trained by the best matchmakers in the world to develop empathy, compassion, and an eye for detail in looking at potential candidates.

Was it easy to master the art?
I didn’t get good overnight. I had to learn a lot about myself through my own relationships with my clients. I also had to delve into human psychology to understand what makes relationships work. This included learning about past trauma, attachment styles, and conditioning from parents or previous relationships. What I do is not an art where I’m intuitively guided to make the best pairings, there’s also a science to what makes a couple work wonderfully.

Tell us about DHF …
It’s a luxury matchmaking service catered for professionals, business owners, and high-networth individuals with marriage in mind. We tend to cater to men and women in Singapore in their 30s, 40s and 50s. I also serve global clients who are jet-setters and can meet their potential life partner anywhere. Since we launched in 2018 there have been over 1,400+ Date High Flyer marriages. (And I’ve been to around 50 of those weddings!)

What are your clients looking for in love?
I observe that women tend to slow down their search when they’re in their 50s, while men continue to try and find a mate into their 70s. Men looking for wife material look for someone with feminine qualities that exude ease and flow, self-confidence, and who is supportive of their hopes and dreams. Women look for men with leadership qualities, a sense of direction, and the ability to provide, protect, and preserve their heart.

Can you instantly tell whether a pairing will work?
As part of my matchmaking involves coaching, I can never emphasise the need for the individual to build on their self-awareness. When we’re aware of who we are and conscious of the decisions we make as an individual worthy of love, we attract the right kind of people who will be equally committed to making a relationship work.

What advice do you have for those looking for love?
Have the conviction that there’s someone out there for you; being vulnerable is the first step towards being loved and accepted. List the qualities you’re looking for in a partner and reflect on whether you possess those qualities yourself. And be open to having fun while dating. Two people will generally gravitate towards each other when they’re matching each other’s positive vibe.