We talk to the ANZA Kill-O-Metres walking group founder Louise Jones about what makes stomping around Singapore so addictive (and fun!).

ANZA Walking group 2021Who are they? The Kill-O-Metres walking group get together in groups of five (group sizes change in accordance to COVID restrictions) to enjoy the great outdoors and experience moving in a fun, social environment. The walks are organised by ANZA group members on various day of the week throughout the year, including evenings when the air is cooler. The objective is for walkers to explore a different side of Singapore, with walking trails that take participants to undiscovered parts of the island while also highlighting all of the rich biodiversity that Singapore has to offer.”

ANZA Walking Group 2021Where do they walk? The Kill-O-Metres have hiked all over Singapore, exploring MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah, the Southern Ridges and many other lesser-known routes that you can only truly experience on foot.
How far are the walks? They tend to average between 6-13km. Due to the unique nature of the walks being chosen hosted by the group members, there’s one for every level of participant from the super-speedy, to moderate and breezy, to slow and steady as you amble scenic landscapes. “Everyone is welcome and the pace varies to accommodate all involved,” explains Louise. “Our focus is fitness, no-cost therapy support, stretching, advice and best of all friendship – we are a social, fun gang, and you get all the amazing physical and mental health benefits of regular walking as you go!”
How do I join? To join the walkers, you must be a current, registered ANZA member. “It’s free, there’s no commitment required, and it’s an activity which helps you settle into Singapore while discovering more about this beautiful island,” says Louise.
Best thing about the group? “Definitely the therapy of fitness and friendships.”

Walk the Green Corridor

Find out more about upcoming walks and how to join the Kill-O-Metres at anza.org.sg/groups/walking


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