Christo Fangupo

Committee Member Nomination: Christo Fangupo

Christo’s Bio: I’m the General Manager, SongDivision Asia.

Why I’d like to sit on the ANZA Exec in 2023: Serving has been a joy for me. I’ve seen ANZA in tough times during Covid, and we are now exiting this stage into a more fruitful and exciting time. I would dearly love to help ANZA to really capitalise. I’m truly excited to be a part of this and I believe we can lift ANZA’s profile to great heights, especially now that Austcham has stopped their ball event. This opportunity to become the pre-eminent event for Australiasian Expats in Singapore is amazing and ANZA is poised to take it! I believe that maintaining a strong event professional presence in the EC will help the committee make wise and viable decisions, and contribute to higher profit margins for these large-scale events.

As a community member, ANZA has maintained relevance and is very important to me and newcomers to Singapore. As an EC member, I would like to help ANZA maintain this and contribute to ideas that will grow this.

As always it is my honour to serve and regardless of the outcome of this vote, I am and always will be a strong supporter of ANZA.