Don Northey

Committee Member Nomination: Don Northey

Don’s Bio: This is my 18th year living in Singapore having moved from Melbourne in 2005. My outside interests are football (Mexican, Aussie rules), golf and photography be it travel or events, scenery or people. I am a member of ANZA’s Secret Men’s Business for 17 years, but that’s all I can tell you.

My profession is a sole practitioner-chartered accountant helping SMB clients with setting up their financial software and providing all the statutory requirements required by IRAS and ACRA.

I’ve been an ANZA member since 2006 and attended my first Melbourne Cup that year.  I joined the Exec Committee as Treasurer in 2008 and implemented a standardised new QuickBooks financial system for Exec and all the sporting groups. After eight years in the treasurer role a replacement was found, and I took a back seat as a general committee member, providing advice to the finance team as and when required, and continuing to provide event photography for all major ANZA events.

Why I’d like to sit on the ANZA Executive Committee in 2023: ANZA has been a big part of my life for 17 years with fifteen of those being on the Exec Committee. I’d be delighted to continue providing my services and professional skills to ANZA as payments authoriser, event photographer, and allowing ANZA to benefit from my knowledge of

  • Xero, the current financial software, as a certified Xero advisor
  • Accounting standards and statutory requirements
  • Internal Controls to ensure effective custody of ANZA’s net assets

With this knowledge I can both support and be a backup for the Treasurer

As an addendum to this skills package comes my passion for doing what’s right in this world, which has lost its way so much in recent times. My current project is the appalling use of and waste of plastics, which I’m addressing with the relevant govt authorities/supermarket chains.

On a more positive side, my quirky humour (when understood) can be of benefit to the social side of ANZA, one of the main reasons to join this wonderful association that we belong to.