Megan Scott

Committee Member Nomination: Megan Scott

Megan’s Bio: I’ve been living in Singapore for over ten years, have been an active member of ANZA the whole time, and I’m a previous member of the executive committee. I know what ANZA is about, the value of the members, the hard work put in by the small but mighty office team, and the many, many volunteer contributions that make it such a great organisation to be a part of.

My day job in managing talent and learning projects for an investment bank and background in the hospitality industry have equipped me make a number of contributions during my previous years serving on the committee, including facilitation of a strategic planning day and proposing we shift to auto renewal of memberships which is now a reality that is keeping people connected for longer and with less effort for everyone. I look forward contributing to whatever comes next for ANZA and our members.

Why I’d like to sit on the ANZA Executive Committee in 2023:  As someone who arrived in Singapore without a partner or children I was especially appreciative of the social safety net provided by ANZA in the early days. More recently, I appreciate ANZA for the opportunity to continue to help others benefit from the connection that being an ANZA member brings, no matter where your sporting, social or community interests lay. Though I am proud of what we achieved and delivered to our community during ‘the Covid years’ I’m really excited to see what the future holds now we can return to some more large, live, loud events this year and I want to be close to the action.