Nolan Bradbury

Committee Member Nomination: Nolan Bradbury

Nolan’s Bio: I started my first business at 21 where I owned and operated a photography studio just outside of Melbourne for nearly a decade. Over that time, I was heavily involved in event entertainment and production, creating and co-producing three Waterfront Christmas albums for Target that featured some of Australia’s best-known performers alongside grassroots talent. All profits went to local charities. Later, an opportunity to work on-air alongside Bert Newton on Good Morning Australia saw me move my business to Port Melbourne, expand, and rebrand under Jigsaw. During this decade, I provided photography and video solutions to professionals throughout Greater Melbourne, and went on to develop and build an online marketing portal, Jiraffe, as a solution for the Melbourne/Surfcoast property marketing industry. I made the move to Singapore nearly a decade ago, where I established ENGN, offering creative production solutions across corporate headshots, creative production delivery, talent placement, and music production needs. In my personal life, I am a single Dad who enjoys spending time with my daughter, travelling, training Muay Thai, cycling and stumbling my way through my newest challenge: learning Spanish. I continue my work as a musician outside of my profession and am currently finalising my second album due for release later in the year.

Why’d I’d like to sit on the ANZA Executive Committee in 2023:As a current member of the ANZA committee, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time contributing to the organization’s events and initiatives. I strongly believe that my skills and experience can continue to benefit the committee’s objectives, and I am excited about the prospect of being involved in the creation and execution of the diverse range of events that ANZA runs throughout the year.
My professional expertise in developing concepts, planning logistics, and coordinating resources has equipped me with the necessary skills to provide a unique perspective and make valuable contributions to the committee’s efforts. Additionally, my personal involvement in the ANZA community has allowed me to build relationships with members and gain a deeper understanding of the organization’s mission and values.
I am honored to have the opportunity to continue serving on the committee and to work alongside my fellow members to further ANZA’s goals. Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue making meaningful contributions to ANZA.