Shaun McEwan

Committee Member Nomination: Shaun McEwan

Shaun’s Bio: I’m originally from Sydney and have been in Singapore for 12 years. I am a Singapore PR. I have extensive experience in the events industry, specifically as an auctioneer, MC and fundraiser. I’m the director of several companies in both Singapore and Malaysia and bring both business acumen and a strong knowledge of the region to the table.

Why I’d like to sit on the ANZA Executive Committee in 2023: ANZA is all about giving back. I’d like to give back what I’ve received in abundance, not only from ANZA and the expat community, but the wider community of Singapore. Living in Singapore for over a decade brings a lot of life experience to the table. On top of that I have a good working knowledge of live events and fundraising. Also, running your own business exposes you to a broad range of business skills from sales to marketing to accounting.