Chill Chat Connect

Venue75CL Tasting Lab
Address8 Jalan Kilang Barat, #01-06
Singapore 159351, SG
StartsThu Nov 16 2017, 6:30pm
EndsThu Nov 16 2017, 8:30pm

In our WORKING lives we are often called on to address a crowd – especially as we climb the CAREER ladder. But it can cripple some of us to the point that we fear putting ourselves forward. The old cliché of picturing the AUDIENCE naked, won’t help if you’re standing in front of your PEERS and superiors – and let’s face it, no-one really wants to imagine their boss sans clothes, do they?

So, what to do?

ANZA’s series of CHILL, CHAT, CONNECT events are all angled towards professional assistance and the November edition, is set to appease your PUBLIC-SPEAKING fears.

Come along to 75CL for glasses of wine and chatter with the ANZA team, before we’re joined by sports commentator and sports presenter, STEVE DAWSON.

A ‘reformed’ Chartered Tax Accountant, STEVE switched his attentions from spreadsheets to screens and is now a RECOGNISED TV SPORTS PRESENTER throughout Asia for his sports coverage. From anchoring the Olympic Games and UEFA European Championships, to his current roles for Asia’s coverage of the Bundesliga, AFC Champions League and AFC Cup & Fox Sports Central.

Tax to TV journalism is quite the leap and Steve will be sharing stories of his success and how to turn a worry of public-speaking to your advantage. Come and CONNECT with Steve and the ANZA team.