Soccer – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Competition Teams Supplemental Protocol



Last updated: 19 March 2020

League Organisers’ Protocols &
Supplemental ANZA Soccer Protocol
for Competition Teams’ League Matches

We rely on the ANZA Soccer Competition Teams’ players, coaches, team managers and parents/care-givers to comply with the below in good faith, for the protection of all.

  1. Please follow the League Organisers’ Protocols:
  2. Do follow the League Organiser’s protocols to the letter, eg do NOT stay on to watch matches if their decision is to hold them ‘behind closed doors.. Do not argue with admin staff of the League Organiser even if you feel parts of their protocol are not common sense. 


Supplemental ANZA Soccer Protocol
for Competition Teams’ League matches

    1. It is ANZA Soccer’s protocol that if any member of the household has travelled to ANY OTHER COUNTRY within the last 14 days, or is on leave-of-absence from work or school, the family must STAY HOME. Please calculate accordingly: household member’s arrival date is day 1 and stay-home period includes 14th day. For example, for Saturday March 21 games, if any household member arrived back in Singapore on or after March 8, the family must stay home.
    2. Parents should decide whether their children should participate in Competition Teams League matches. Parents should understand that there will be no repercussions for keeping children home, notwithstanding that absence of players may result in ANZA Soccer having to cancel and forfeit the respective league match. Any individual decision will be respected by the coach and all other parents/players. ANZA Soccer encourages you to do what you think is best for your family. Participation in league matches at this time is entirely optional. There is no need to state the reason for your child’s absence.
    3. Parents are to advise the team parent / coaches as early as possible re presence/absence. This will allow them to consider inviting other players to cover, and if the squad size is too low, to inform the league organiser that ANZA Soccer is cancelling the respective game.
    4. In case of closed-door matches, 2 coaches and 1 team manager will stay with the team. Parents to advise the match-day team manager (i) the contact details of the person to be contacted (if not the registered primary parent contact) in case of injury during any ‘behind closed doors’ games and (ii) in case they have a valid reason to remain and watch closed door matches as per the league organizer’s protocol. Parents to follow the team manager’s instructions re drop off & collection of children before/after closed-door match. 
    5. Children and adults must take temperatures and assess health before leaving home. The family should stay home if 
      • anyone’s temperature is above 37.5 celsius OR
      • ANY MEMBER of the household has any sign of cold or flu symptoms.
    6. A record will be kept by ANZA Soccer of everyone attending Competition Matches. The designated parent, team manager, or coach will maintain a list of each attending child, coach, team manager and spectators with a valid reason (if any), through the regular channel of team communication (WhatsApp). Please do update for last minute changes.
    7. If any player displays symptoms of cold / flu during matches, they will be sent home.
    8. There will be no sharing of water bottles, so make sure your child is bringing their own.
    9. Everyone is encouraged to wash hands frequently (especially before and after the match) and/or use (BYO) hand sanitizers.
    10. Everyone should avoid unnecessary contact, including handshakes, hugs, high-fives, fist-bumps, etc.