Soccer – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Extra Responsibilities for AGCs, Parent Coaches, Team Managers and Temp-Screeners



Last updated: 26 February 2020

AGCs, Parent Coaches, Team Managers, and Temperature-screeners: 

Extra responsibilities for supporting Saturday Session Protocols

For clarity, we list here the extra steps AGCs, parent coaches, and team managers should be taking so that Saturday games run smoothly and safely during COVID-19 DORSCON Orange.

This is a living document and may be updated and recirculated in case of useful additions.


  1. If you cannot attend your Saturday session, find an alternative to take on your role and make sure to update those who need to know (e.g. the AGC needs to know if someone else takes on the team manager role and vice versa).
  2. During your session, if in doubt at any time, err on the side of safety.
  3. Keep things positive! Remember, this is just a game and our goal is to keep our kids happy and active during this difficult time. Let’s celebrate the joy of playing!



  1. Secure help before the session from 2 parents per session to help first-aid personnel in temp-screening and stamping upper-arms. Encourage temp-screeners to arrive a little early to take over from previous session. Remind them NOT to stamp the hand or lower arm, but the upper-arm only. We want to make sure the stamp itself does not become a conduit itself of passing the virus. See below ‘temp-screener instructions’, which you can copy-paste to them. They may not be needed immediately, but should be available to help or take over temp-screening if the first-aiders are needed elsewhere. Temp-screening will take place at first aid station (beside Pitch 2).
  2. Make sure that the thermometers are passed on from the younger age group to you or the temp-screeners of your age group, and then passed on to the next age group.
  3. Unless communicated otherwise, the 8 a.m. AGCs will receive the thermometers from Coach Yakob and the 1.30-3 p.m. AGC will pass at least one of the thermometers to one of the U14 Matildas coaches, confirming the person will be attending Monday Girls Comp Teams training.
  4. Communicate that each team manager should keep an accurate list of all players and spectators attending the session. Lists may be kept via WhatsApp or as notes. Easiest is to do a ‘roll call’ of players (including their parent/caregiver(s)) via WhatsApp in the days prior to the match, and remind team managers to check on the day if any updates were processed.
  5. Encourage coaches to keep all communication about parents’ decisions respectful. NO ONE should be made to feel guilty for deciding to stay home. Shut down any comments that seem negative or pressuring immediately.
  6. Help direct all comers directly to temperature-screening station (beside Pitches 2). Distribute as needed any extra thermometers parents bring along.
  7. After seeing numbers, decide on how to proceed with your age group’s sessions:
    1. League 11-aside games can proceed down to 7-aside on a half pitch
    2. League 9-aside games can proceed down to 5-aside on a smaller pitch. 
    3. League games (default) may be made into friendlies
    4. If some teams have enough to play under these rules but others don’t, you have full discretion to decide how to proceed. However, no team will forfeit due to low numbers. We will hope to make up any games necessary, but obviously we cannot guarantee that all league games will be played, at this point.
    5. Games must stay within your session’s start and end times. If screening etc. means a late start, the game will have to be shortened (inform refs as needed).
  8. Be available to help temp-screeners and coaches give message that those with temps above 37.5 celsius or displaying any cold/flu symptoms must leave immediately along with any accompanying family members (i.e., a sick parent’s child must leave too).
  9. Encourage teams to disperse and leave after the game as soon as possible.
  10. After the game, collect your teams’ lists of players / spectators. Keep these in a safe and easily accessed location in case they become necessary at some point in the future. You could for example start a separate WhatsApp group including all team managers and ask them to copy-paste their finalised team attendance in it.


Parent Coaches (some of these may be done by Team Manager instead, by agreement)

  1. Ask that players arrive at most 10 minutes early, to minimise crowds. Be there 10 minutes early yourself to get temp-screened (along with your child) and direct your players and parents to the temp-screening station.
  2. Remind parents they may designate another parent to be responsible for their dropped-off child during game, thus reducing numbers at pitches. 
  3. Do not allow any player to start warmup activities unless he/she has a stamp.
  4. Help ref check all players for stamps before game starts (line up kids, etc.).
  5. Be vigilant against sharing of any water bottles or personal snacks. Anyone displaying cold/flu symptoms must be sent home, along with family member(s), immediately.
  6. No handshakes, hugs, high-fives, close huddles, etc. Think about another (non-contact) way to celebrate post-game with the opposing team!
  7. Keep players separate from spectators during team talk, water breaks, half-time talk and post-match talk. If children need to spend time with their parent, ask them to do so away from the rest of the team and the rest of the parents. Keep post-match talk to minimum and disperse quickly so next session can start with minimal overlap time. Encourage hand-washing on way out. 
  8. Help manage the list-keeping responsibilities. Double-check accuracy and make sure list is sent to AGC after session.


Team Managers (some of these may be done by Parent Coach instead, by agreement)

  1. If you are not attending confirm to your AGC ASAP , who is replacing you and make sure your replacement is aware if this protocol
  2. Ask coaches how they would like you to help with player management.
  3. Help direct everyone to get temperatures checked before the warm-up & game. Check that your team’s spectators all have stamps. If they don’t, they must either get temp-checked and stamped, or leave.
  4. Help keep communications and comments positive. Ensure no one speaks negatively of those who choose not to participate.
  5. If players forgot to bring a water bottle, ask their parent to buy one. Perhaps bring a couple of plastic water bottles from home. Hydration and not sharing of bottles is key.
  6. Keep parents separate from kids during the session.
  7. Reserve seats separate from parents for subs, if needed. 
  8. Be vigilant for signs of cold/flu and against sharing of water bottles or personal snacks.
  9. Move parents out of shaded seating areas during team breaks, so kids and coaches can use the shade. Help move people on once  (short) post match team talk is over. Encourage hand-washing on way out.
  10. Send AGC final list of attendees once it is updated based on actual turnout / last minute drop-outs & walk-ins on the day, after your session.



  1. Firstly and most importantly, please only accept this role if yourself and none of your family members show any symptoms. If you or your family develop symptoms after accepting the role, please find a replacement or inform the team manager and do not attend the session.
  2. We’ll have 2 parents per timeslot/session to help First Aid with temp-screening and stamping of upper-arms. Each duo should proceed to First Aid and be available to help (or take over, in case First Aid is needed elsewhere). 
  3. Do NOT stamp the hand or lower arm, but only the upper-arm. We want to make sure the stamp itself does not become a conduit for passing the virus.
  4. Be firm with anyone having a temperature of 37.5 celsius or more. They and all members of their household have to leave immediately. Be discreet though in your communication. The AGC can help you if you have trouble convincing a parent.
  5. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to take over from previous age group. 
  6. Make sure that the thermometers are passed on from the younger age group to the AGC or temp-screeners of your age group, and passed on to the next age group once the next temp-screener for that pitch has arrived.
  7. Please keep track of your thermometer and stamp at all times during your session. The thermometers in particular are difficult and expensive to procure just now, so we don’t want any to go missing.
  8. Unless communicated otherwise, the 8 a.m. AGCs will receive the thermometers from Yakob and the 1.30-3 p.m. AGC will pass at least one of the thermometers to one of the U14 Matildas coaches, confirming the person will be attending Monday Girls Comp Teams training.



We could not run our ANZA Soccer Saturday programme without your help, and we appreciate you going the extra mile in this situation.