Soccer – Fantasy Premier League


Join the ANZA Soccer Singapore mini-league by 13 August

With over 8 million players, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is the biggest fantasy football game in the world. As an FPL Manager you select your own squad of 15 English Premier League players before the 13 August start of the English Premier League, and then manage your squad over the season from game week to game week, showing the coach of your own ANZA Soccer team how it’s done. By participating in the ANZA Soccer Singapore mini-league, you will compete against other ANZA Soccer players as well as siblings and parents. Former players are also welcome to join.

Of course, Age Group Coordinators, Comp Teams Coordinators, team managers, parent coaches and players may in addition decide to start mini-leagues for their own age groups or teams as well. They can also do so after the start of the EPL (and ANZA Soccer) season, as long as each player is registered for FPL before the Aug 13 start of the EPL season! Those joining FPL later will be disadvantaged as they will have to catch-up on the points others gained in the earlier game weeks, but may be able to catch up and will in any case enjoy seeing how their team does each game against their teammates’ squads.

We encourage all interested players and family members to join FPL and the ANZA Soccer Singapore mini-league NOW, and then perhaps later also team up by age group or ANZA Soccer team to create your own additional mini-league. We remind everyone that ANZA Soccer prides itself on its inclusivity and friendliness; if you create your own mini-league, please invite all the members of your ANZA team or group to join, including players new to ANZA this year.

How do I join?

For the 2021–22 Fantasy Premier League, you can join our own ANZA Soccer Singapore mini-league by simply using this link—you will be added automatically after you’ve entered the game. Alternatively, you may register through the League Code: stp2yg

Once you have done your primary registration and initial squad selection online through the website, you may continue to manage your team through the website. Many players find it easier, however, to do so by downloading the FPL App:

It is crucial that you carefully read the rules ( before you finalise your initial squad. Don’t overthink it though, as you can make unlimited changes to your initial squad until the 13 August deadline of the first gameweek. Get some tips from anyone who has played before, or visit one of the websites dedicated to this game, such as

Of course, parents, especially of younger players, may manage a team together with their child, or do the initial registration on their behalf. Likewise, friends, siblings, or families may decide to manage a team together. Do note, however, that you can only create one squad per email address. There is no limit on how many players can join our ANZA Soccer mini-league, so we welcome all interested players, siblings, parents, and former players!

An invitation to join will also be sent to all ANZA Soccer members by email by the ANZA Office, but feel free to forward this information to your other ANZA soccer mates to give them ample time to select their initial squad and build ANZA Soccer fantasy football enthusiasm together!