Soccer – Post Season Sessions



ANZA Soccer’s regular Saturday Club Program will end on Saturday April 22. Mark that day and be sure to come to The Cage at ‘Finals Day’!

However, most schools will continue for another two months thereafter and your child’s feet will be itching to play more soccer.

Therefore ANZA Soccer is re-introducing its POST-SEASON PROGRAM, consisting of 6 sessions on the three Thursdays and Saturdays after the regular season ends. To give our Saturday AGCs, parent coaches and team managers a well-deserved break, these sessions will be run by our professional coaches. Parents are reminded that at ANZA Soccer activities they either need themselves to be present or arrange for another responsible parent present to look after their child. We’ll start the sessions with some warm-up & fun drills, then move on to game play. Parents of the youngest children are welcome to be involved in the session if that helps their child and the overall group to stay engaged.


3x Thursday (April 27, May 4 and May 11)
3x Saturday (April 29, May 6 and May 13)


The Cage @ Turf City

Timing & Pitch #:

Full Post Season schedule here

G2/G3/G4/G5/G6Thu 5-6pm/P1*Sat 8-9am/P1*
G7/G8Thu 5-6pm/P2Sat 9-10am/P1
G9-10Thu 6-7pm/P1Sat 10-11am/P1
U12Thu 6-7pm/P2Sat 11am-12.15pm/P1
U15Thu 5-7pm/P3Sat 1.35-3pm/P1
U18**Thu 5-7pm/P3Sat 1.35pm- 3pm/P1

* depending on # of sign-ups we may book a covered pitch for the youngest players, but this is not guaranteed.

** also includes B16 and older ‘competition teams only’ players who are welcome to sign-up

Please note that given that a number of competition teams has JSSL League matches till mid May, weekday comp team training sessions will continue to run until Thu May 11. For a full overview of season dates, refer to Soccer – Schedules.

Registration is open to everyone and will close on Friday April 28, or earlier if the age groups reach capacity. There is limited capacity for each age group.

If you have any problems registering, please contact the ANZA Office.

The camps will run rain or shine – if the weather  looks bad just bring a towel and change of clothes.



Some questions you may have:

Q: During COVID the seasons were extended without additional registration/payment. Why do I need to register & pay now?

A: The extension of the seasons during COVID (for all members) resulted from the fact that we needed to suspend our seasons for a number of times. Effectively the extensions were ‘make-up sessions’ for the sessions which were suspended earlier in the season. ANZA Soccer operates on a not-for-profit volunteer-run basis and the regular season fee covers the costs of running the regular season, but not the cost of running the post-season sessions. These costs are charged out only to parents who register for these sessions, ie on a ‘pay-as-you-play’ basis.

Q: Will my child be training with his Saturday team of the regular season?

A: The sessions will be similar to the Thursday training, organised by age groups, not by Saturday team. Of course you can encourage your child’s team mates’ parents to register as well. They may not necessarily be playing in the same team during matches. Match play will be organised on a week-by-week basis.

Q: If I know that I am missing one or two sessions, can I pay a pro-rated fee? Or do I get a refund if a session is cancelled due to lightning?

No. The costs of running the sessions are mostly pitch rental, coaches’ fees and groundsmen. Your child missing a session does not reduce these costs., and most of these costs are also still to be absorbed in case of cancellations due to lightning. But the sessions are priced very affordable, so even if missing a session the Post Season Sessions package will still be good value for money.