If you are into baking, cake decorating or eating, Phoot Huat is worth seeking out.

For the baker there is a treasure trove of reasonably priced supplies including equipment, packaging, cupcake cases and ingredients. Cake decorators will find a good selection of decorating equipment, fondants, icing and display stands. Those who steer away from the baking arts will find plenty of delicious things to eat: my stand-outs are the cheeses, frozen berries, nuts and dried fruits. Most prices are lower that what you will pay in the supermarket and they offer a further 5{d2c05350095ed942d62ca1635aad234a702e9575e5f9632e6c89e76dec25dfbf} discount if you pay with cash.

Phoon Huat has plenty of locations in nifty spots, like my regular, the one next-door to ANZA member benefit provider “The Butcher” at Chip Bee Gardens (Holland Village). Check their website to find your most convenient location.

If you haven’t visited before, plan your shop with their extensive illustrated Food Catalogue and Bakeware Catalogue.

Phoon Huat
12 locations around Singapore