We all want to save money, but without a solid plan in place, it’s easier said than done. Here are nine easy-to-follow tips that will help you out:

1. Start with a monthly budget

It can be very easy to overlook additional spending if you’re not tracking your everyday purchases. Creating a monthly budget allows you to set some guidelines on what qualifies as a necessity or a luxury. Once you have allotted your funds for the month, make sure you stick to it!

2. Look for savings on utilities

There are a few ways to cut down the cost of outgoing bills with a little ingenuity. Start small by focusing on a utility bill, such as electricity. Turn off the lights and fans if they aren’t completely necessary, and turn off inactive appliances at the power point. You can also consider changing to energy efficient lights and appliances for further savings on your monthly bill.

3. Be smart with your petrol

Petrol is an expensive necessity for those who rely on their car to get to and from work. An easy way to avoid a large output on petrol is to avoid rush hour traffic. Every time you have to start and stop in the unpredictable stream of peak hour traffic, you waste petrol. Avoid this whenever you can. Additionally, avoid carrying around heavy items in the boot if it isn’t necessary.

4. Be savvy with your online shopping

Before forking out big bucks on your online shopping habits, shop around! Always search for promotional codes online before heading to the checkout. Promo codes can significantly reduce your orders between 10-15{d2c05350095ed942d62ca1635aad234a702e9575e5f9632e6c89e76dec25dfbf}.

5. Save on food

One of the simplest money saving tips is often overlooked. Instead of dining at expensive cafes or grabbing take away on your lunch break, pack your own lunch.

6. Go on a data diet

Download a data usage tracking app and stick to your data plan cap as much as possible to reduce your mobile phone bill. Turn on your Wi-Fi when you are in free Wi-Fi zones to save on your data usage.

7. Be credit card careful

Make sure you are using the right card for the right purchases! Ensure you pay your bills on time as rolling late fees can become unimaginable.

8. Save on transport

While it’s tempting to hail a taxi, in order to limit your spending, opt for a bus or train. Carpooling is also a great option if your commute isn’t accommodated by public transport.

9. Save on shopping

If you can wait a little longer for an item, timing your purchases can save you money. The best time to purchase goods is during the end of season sales. Also, when you’ve found a must-have item in a physical store, jump online and compare prices. Often, you’ll find the same item for less from online stores.

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