This article is co-written by Dr. Magdalena (Health & Performance Coach) and Dr. Sairupa (Naturopathic Doctor).

Mindfulness nurtures a relationship to our body that welcomes healing of the whole self. The Chinese script for “mindfulness” combine the characters “now”, “heart” and “mind”, illustrating when we are mindful- we are present in the moment. At City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy, we believe that developing mindfulness helps us to live a more fulfilled life.  After assessment with one of our Doctors, treatment plans include mindfulness guidelines, lab testing, professional quality supplements, as well weight loss and performance coaching plans. Here are 4 simple tips on mindful health you can incorporate today:

Mindful Eating:

Practicing awareness around eating will help with optimal digestion and weight loss goals. Notice how you feel and ask yourself if you’re really hungry, or if the desire to eat is coming from the mind. Assess your grade of appetite/satiety on a scale from 1 (dying from hunger) to 10 (completely full) before, during and after a meal. This can help you to focus on your satiety while avoiding overeating.

Nurture with Nature:

Many of us are dealing with serious nutrient deficiencies due to lack of quality foods/ organic foods or improper diet.  Eating a natural, whole-foods diet alongside supplements and herbs can prevent disease and allow our mind & body to thrive.  Always seek  assistance from a Naturopathic Doctor for dosing of professional supplements & herbs.

Stress Management: 

Stress reduction techniques will improve your wellbeing and health dramatically. The side effects of busy and restless lifestyles affect our mental and physical health. Anti-Stress coaching and Naturopathic cortisol lab testing can support you to reduce stress levels and establish more presence in daily life.

Mindful Movement:

Daily physical activity can help alleviate depression and anxiety. If you work at a desk, consider setting a  “movement reminder” to get up and stretch every hour for 5 minutes. This provides an opportunity to check in with your body and assess any areas of tension.  With the right treatment plan, An experienced Naturopathic Doctor can help you live with reduced pain, allowing for more mindful movement.

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