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Planning for the worst is important when deciding to travel far from home. If you already have travel insurance or an international medical health insurance plan, then you may want to consider adding on emergency medical evacuation cover as an insurance rider, if you haven’t already done so. Pacific Prime Singapore has created this short guide, which describes what emergency medical evacuation cover is and what the receiving benefits are when covered.

What is emergency medical evacuation?

An emergency medical evacuation (EME) is the emergency transfer, usually by some form of air or land transportation, to the closest medical facility. Modes of transport primarily include private air ambulance, road ambulance, or commercial plane. This is usually for patients who have sustained serious trauma through an accident, or are being transferred from an inadequate medical facility to one which can provide more specialist treatment.  

The benefits of securing emergency medical evacuation cover

  1. Emergency medical evacuation – Covers medical evacuation expenses to the nearest facility for essential treatment, or to the insured’s home country for further treatment.
  2. Repatriation of mortal remains – Covers all necessary expenses incurred for the preparation and return of a person’s remains to their home country. Natural disaster -overs expenses incurred due to switching accommodation as a result of evacuation from a forecasted natural disaster or after a natural disaster.
  3. Political evacuation – In the event of political or military instability in your country of residence emergency medical evacuation benefit covers all defined expenses for transport to a safe location.
  4. Emergency travel assistance services – Coverage includes a 24/7 line of contact with trained personnel who can organize an emergency medical evacuation to the best and most suitable medical facility.
  5. Emergency reunion – Some plans may also cover the cost of bringing a family member to the medical facility where their loved one is receiving treatment.

Usually, an emergency medical evacuation plan is added to either a travel insurance plan or a global health insurance plan. Talk to the experienced insurance experts at Pacific Prime Singapore to receive health insurance quotations and a professional plan comparison based on your budget and needs.