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Singapore has long been a nation that is driven by technological innovation and economic growth. As a forward-thinking city-state that’s regularly dubbed the ‘Switzerland of Asia’, it’s therefore unsurprising to hear that Singapore is becoming a leading hub for cryptocurrency. Digital currencies have become a new way of the world, creating decentralised digital payment platforms that are efficient and better protected against the threat of cyber-attacks.

The Block recently analysed the website traffic levels alongside 48 of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. It discovered that Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland registered the highest interest in cryptocurrency exchanges, relative to their nations’ populations.

Given that Singapore has long been considered one of the most prominent and influential forex trading hubs in the Far East, it’s unsurprising that the Lion City is taking a keen interest in burgeoning crypto coins. Singaporeans looking to get involved can find plenty of reading material on the industry, with beginners’ guides explaining exactly what is cryptocurrency and the pros and cons of each of the leading cryptos now rife online.

Aligned with the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in Singapore, there are plenty of seminars and conferences scheduled in the coming months that could better educate you on the fundamentals of the industry and how to trade the likes of Bitcoin in the years ahead.

Photo: Pixabay

Crypto Expo Singapore 2019 (26 October)

Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands resort is due to play host to Crypto Expo Singapore 2019, with some 3,000 delegates expected to embark on the area for the biggest ever cryptocurrency and blockchain forum the city-state has ever seen. A host of industry-leading analysts and leaders from the crypto and blockchain sectors will be discussing leading topics on trading, new technologies, and trends that will be of note to the expo’s visitors.

Some of the speeches from VIP speakers that have already been approved for use include The Future of Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchanges and The Common Pitfalls of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Tickets are free if you only want access to the exhibition hall and the open presentations.

The Singapore FinEdTech Conference 2019 (5 – 6 November)

As Fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries of the 21st-century economy, it’s little surprise that Singapore is at the coalface of the company. Aside from the core concepts of cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency and blockchain’s impact on the education sector is expected to be transformational.

The Singapore FinEdTech Conference welcomes tech experts, educators, and members of the public sector to discuss and learn more about technologies such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital banking that alter the way we learn, not just spend money. Unlike the free entry to Crypto Expo Singapore, tickets for this conference are $190 per person.

The Capital: CoinMarketCap Global Conference (12 – 13 November)

CoinMarketCap has evolved into one of the leading online portals for information on the cryptocurrency industry, ranging from market capitalisations and rankings of cryptocurrency exchanges through to resources and the latest crypto news. Amazon’s Alexa ranked it in the world’s top-100 most visited websites last year.

With such a font of knowledge on cryptos, it’s unsurprising that the platform is launching its inaugural global conference on cryptocurrency assets and the next phase of growth in the sector. Given Singapore’s appetite for cryptos, CoinMarketCap selected the city’s Victoria Theatre as the venue for its free two-day event, bringing together cryptocurrency project leaders and crypto enthusiasts in the same room.

With everything that’s happening this year, even just in the city-state itself, it’s undeniable that this new wave of currency is coming in thick and fast. The impact of said wave is yet to be confidently analysed, but one thing is for sure: the future is now – and it’s digital.