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All parents in Singapore want their children to grow up happy and strong. Consuming the right food and getting enough exercise can help with your child’s physical health, but what can you do as a parent to make sure your child is as mentally fit?

According to the Strait Times, more teenagers are seeking help for school-related stress at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). The clinics saw an average of about 2,400 new cases every year from 2012 to 2017. The statistics are worrying, but with the help of parents, this trend can surely be reduced.

Here are some ways that you, as a parent, can help boost your child’s mental wellbeing:

Spend quality time together

Being a parent means spending as much time as possible with your children to make them feel they are important to you. It is important to develop the relationship and family bonds by having fun and doing activities that everyone will enjoy together, like going to the park, participating in family events, and so on. By doing things together, everyone can learn from each other and be more open to sharing thoughts and feelings.

Teach children to think positively

Teaching children to think positively and optimistically can help them overcome the day-to-day challenges they face, such as academic stress from school or social anxiety around events. By teaching children to think positively, they will develop a drive to succeed, no matter the setbacks or failures that they may come across.

Encourage children to develop strong and meaningful friendships

As social beings, we are often able to overcome challenges and achieve success by interacting and working with other like-minded people. Children, in particular, are more drawn towards these social interactions, as they are naturally curious about the world. By developing meaningful friendships, children can receive trusted emotional support and interactions as they grow up into adulthood.

Protection the whole family with a family health plan

The aforementioned ways to boost your child’s mental wellbeing are great for ensuring they grow strong, motivated, and resilient. The mental health of not only children but also parents is often overlooked and goes unnoticed. If left untreated, poor mental health can have a negative impact on physical health. With that said, getting the right family health plan for the whole family is crucial.

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