Last November’s return to groups of five to ANZA Cycling came as wonderfully refreshing news – at last we were once again able to run some Club Induction Ride groups. A workaround the prior month had seen newcomers interested in finding out more about the club and our activities paired up for a “Buddy Ride” where each prospective member was partnered with one of our Ride Captains. Whilst this proved a good way to share the club spirit, it was quite removed from our usual inductions, whereby prospective members are treated to a full run-down on our group ride etiquette, style and rules, and taken out for the full experience of a 40-50km ‘ANZA’ bunch ride. Let’s hope the new year sees more induction rides, which are typically held on the first weekend of each month, and we can get closer to the “new max” of ten in a bunch.

What are the new rules for cyclists?

As of January 1, 2022 there is likely to be an enhanced enforcement of rules pertaining to cycling in Singapore. Cyclists should be aware of the following points:

  • General road cycling
    Cyclists ARE ALLOWED to ride on any roads, EXCEPT expressways (PIE, AYE etc) or in tunnels (flyovers and underpasses are okay!)
    HELMETS are MANDATORY (on the road), as are LIGHTS (white front, red rear) during hours of darkness
    Groups should strive to leave a BUS LENGTH DISTANCE between groups
    Cyclists MUST follow road rules in accordance with the TRAFFIC CODE
  • CYCLING On multi-lane roads (more than one lane in a single direction)
    Cyclists ARE ALLOWED to ride TWO-ABREAST
    Cyclists ARE ALLOWED to ride in groups of MAX 10 (or MaxN as per Covid restrictions)
  • CYCLING On two-way roads (only one lane in a single direction)
    Cyclists must ride in SINGLE FILE (and split to MAX 5)

Following suggestions that a ‘safe passing’ rule be added to the Traffic Code, a requirement has been put in place that motorists leave a minimum 1.5m distance when overtaking when cycling in Singapore. This currently appears as a ‘guideline’, although we hope that it will soon also be enshrined in law, so as to be enforceable.

Left: Amanda Lewis with new member Marc Holloway. Right: Megan with new member Thierry Bergero

Kudos to all

Congratulations to all our members who took part in the Metasprint Series 2021 Triathlon, which was held in a modified format, comprising a 15km Wattbike cycle, a 750m open water swim and a 5km run at Palawan Beach, Sentosa in November. Similarly, huge kudos to all members who participated in the final event of the JungleCross offroad series. With road events limited to the OCBC ITT and TTT held several months back, the Singapore Cycling Federation has been exploring options for virtual road racing. They’ve since established The Cycling Esports Singapore National Championship, a qualifier for the UCI Esports World Champs, which will take place on stationary Wattbikes. Stay tuned for updates!

All ANZA rides now on new Bunji app

Over the past 18 months, we’ve witnessed growing diversity in what our members want from their cycling. With that, a proliferation of channels and platforms are now used to coordinate group bike rides. While this has been exciting to see, it has provided a challenge to uphold our core value of inclusion. Recognising this, three of our club members, Marco and Ewa Mejia together with Chris Willmott, co-developed an app specifically to serve the needs of sporting clubs such as Anza Cycling. This app is called Bunji.

Bunji is a word widely used across Australia, derived originally from Warlpiri, an indigenous Australian language from the Northern Territory that means “mate” or “friend”. Meanwhile, the app logo is a symbol for “meeting place”. The ANZA Cycling committee was excited to pilot the beta version of Bunji exclusively and since its launch to club members in late November 2021, we’ve been happy to see how many members are putting it into play. It has made the process of joining rides so much easier.
We ask all ANZA Cycling members to download Bunji, which is freely available on iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Find ANZA in the Clubs section and request to join. Contact Marco Mejia at if you have issues or questions.

Introducing our new Membership Co-ordinator, Ann York

Ann and her husband Graeme have been expat-ing for 17 years, with stints in London, Chicago, Bangkok and now Singapore, where they’ve lived since 2019.

“We joined ANZA straight after arriving in Singapore, and it’s been an absolute lifesaver, particularly throughout the pandemic. The social interaction (even when in groups of two) during the past few years has provided a real mental wellness boost.

I used to work in accounting, administration and recruitment, but maintaining a career while on the move was a challenge, so I moved into the fitness industry. I’ve been lucky to work as a fitness trainer in the UK, USA, Thailand, and now here. The flexibility around where and when I teach is great and it also means I can go home regularly and visit our (now adult) kids in Perth and Melbourne. Right now I work for Pure Gyms, teaching around 10 classes a week (BodyPump, Spin, Core & HIIT bike).

I took up cycling six years ago, when a friend of mine in Melbourne gathered a small group of friends together for a 200km weekend charity ride. That pretty much kicked off my cycling addiction.

I really got into road cycling while living in Bangkok. There are some fantastic rides through the rural villages. We would drive out of the city most weekends, to ride in beautiful, interesting places, dodging all sorts of obstacles along the way. I’ve also cycled in Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, as well as central and northern Thailand – it’s a great way to see Asia, away from the usual tourist traps.

I also ride in Melbourne with a big ladies cycling group where there are around 200 of us cycling at all levels. Pre-Covid we cycled from Porto in Portugal to San Sebastian in Spain, and in 2019 Denmark and Poland.

ANZA Cycling is a huge part of my life, and I was excited to take on the membership role. I love being part of a committee that is so passionate. I’m really looking forward to meeting more members in person and seeing the plans for the future as we open up more fully.”