One of ANZA Netball’s greatest strengths is the supportive community and large volunteer group that enables us to thrive. Billie Haywood is one of the many enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers at ANZA Netball. She started off as a volunteer coach, then joined the ANZA Netball Committee as a coach liaison to support all the volunteer coaches in the programme. Here she explains why she signed up.

1 Why ANZA Netball? 

I heard about ANZA Netball when we first arrived in Singapore seven years ago. By the time we settled in and my daughter was old enough to participate, it was time to join up. The programme was attractive to me to maintain a connection with other like-minded Australians who wanted to keep their children in team sports. My girls have made lovely friendships that they wouldn’t have made otherwise, especially with kids from other schools. 

2 Did you play netball or other sports growing up?

Growing up in county Victoria, my sports were limited to netball, AFL, swimming and karate. The best times I had were through netball as it allowed me to play and grow to love the game, as well as be with my friends. I wanted some of this comradeship for my daughters. At ANZA Netball, whilst the professional coaches have developed a strong programme, it’s delivered in such a fun way it reminded me of my time playing as a teen.

3 How is ANZA Netball coping with the changing restrictions? 

Like everyone in Singapore, I’ve found that Covid has played such a big role in limiting the activities and social interactions of my three children over the last two years. They’ve craved returning to sports, so it’s great that ANZA Netball has continued to operate wherever possible to give children a chance to remain active. 

Having such a dedicated team in the committee helps. Ultimately, we all want the best programme for our players to get out on the court and have fun.

4 How did you get to be part of the ANZA Netball Committee? 

When my family initially joined ANZA Netball, I volunteered to help coach my eldest daughter. As I hadn’t coached before, ANZA assisted me by offering an external coaching course to brush up on my skills. Once I began, my daughter was so proud I was involved. After a while, I was approached by one of the committee members to see if I’d be interested in joining. As I couldn’t coach both of my daughters at the same time, joining the committee seemed like a good way to be involved and present for both my girls. 

5 What’s your favourite part of being a netball coach with ANZA? 

I love being a part of this hardworking team. The group of dedicated volunteers is lovely, and it’s been a pleasure getting to know them. Becoming a committee member is an ideal way to remain connected to your children’s activities, and to meet new people. We’re always looking for new members, so I urge all readers to please shout if you’re interested in joining! 

Billie’s daughters speakout!

Willow, 10
“I like the funny coaches that I’ve had at ANZA Netball, the new skills they’ve taught me, and also spending time with my friends. It’s very good!”

Giving back with Billie!
“What I enjoy most about ANZA Netball is having fun with my friends. I really like the groups that I’ve had and picking partners. I have so much fun!”


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