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Pacific Prime _small connections employee benefits_Group of co-workers togetherNothing beats being valued and respected at the workplace. After all, work is stressful enough without it also being an unwelcoming environment that you have to spend a huge part of your time in. Besides doing wonders for the employees who work there, the company at large also benefits from staff feeling appreciated. Our friends at Pacific Prime Singapore reveal how to create an inclusive workplace environment right now.

What is inclusion at work and why does it matter?

Inclusion is a feeling of belonging in both a cultural and environmental sense. Those who feel respected and encouraged in an organisation are more likely to be loyal to the company. What’s more, they might tell their friends to join or leave your company. For a deeper dive into inclusion and other trends, download their free Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2021.

Benefits of inclusion

A Deloitte study found that inclusive companies tend to be high-performing, and are likely to meet or even exceed financial goals. They also take the cake for being innovative.

Employees at these companies usually have high job satisfaction and a sense of wellbeing. On the flip side, staff who feel excluded have less motivation, impaired cognitive control, and may even experience physical pain in extreme cases.

3 tips to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace

By building connections between team members, you help avoid any unconscious biases. Read on for three simple tips.

1. Be observant

Employees can find common interests among themselves simply by being observant. Notice a cat in the background of a Zoom meeting with your coworker? Start a conversation by paying attention to the small things.

2. Go for tried and true conversation topics

Asking about the interesting detail on their jacket or if they need a hand when you see them struggling with the printer are good examples of easy topics.

3. Team leaders can organise group activities

Icebreakers are fantastic at getting participants involved and fostering connections through activities. By believing that they’re the same, your employees will develop greater awareness and empathy towards their group members.

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