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Hands-of-different-races-all-togetherDiversity and inclusivity in the workplace is a goal that many companies are striving towards as both a socially responsible and wise business strategy to adopt. But it takes a lot of commitment to ensure that the workplace is truly free of recruitment biases and toxic cultures that prevent us from hiring the best candidates or our employees from thriving. As the workplace continues to evolve and change, our friends at Pacific Prime Singapore  explore the top diversity and inclusivity trends in 2022.

1. Tweak job requirements

Job requirements that are too rigid (i.e. type of degree or years of experience required) can be limiting and cause companies to miss out on the best candidates who don’t fit the typical profile. When recruiting, emphasise that those from non-traditional backgrounds will be considered, and you’ll see applicants who are talented, hard-working, and have the potential to learn and thrive.

2. Be mindful when using AI tools

AI tools can automate the hiring process, but they’re not free from bias. Any existing bias in the workplace can be transferred into the new technology. As such, companies should try to understand how their technology works and might be biased, as well as work to weed out those biases. One example is Amazon’s hiring tool that vets applicants by observing patterns in CV’s submitted to the company over a 10-year period, which mostly came from men – a reflection of male dominance across the tech industry.

3. Provide equal opportunities for promotions

Leadership opportunities need to be given to minority groups so that diversity and inclusivity are present across the entire organisation. Start with how performance is reviewed and how decisions for promotions are made. In particular, don’t penalise employees who work remotely, flexibly, or require adjustment due to their personal situation.

4. Mitigate COVID-19’s impact

The pandemic has been tough for employees who are unable to get vaccinated and those with caring duties, amongst others. To ensure these groups aren’t left behind, accommodate them as much as possible. Remember that you shouldn’t be unfair with pay cuts as it’ll only show that you value some employees less due to their personal situation.

Companies who want a diverse and inclusive workplace must ensure that their employee benefits are tailored to a diverse workforce. If you’re one of these companies, contact Pacific Prime Singapore for corporate insurance and employee benefits today.