We’re thrilled to introduce this year’s ANZA Executive Committee members, a diverse group of Australian and New Zealand expats here in Singapore who oversee the strategic direction of the association. We couldn’t be without them!

President: Megan Kinder
ANZA President Megan Kinder

Current Employment: Real Estate Agent and Relocation Consultant, Voiceover Artist
Years in SG:19
Years on the EC: 6 (it’s hard to keep track!)
Why you wanted to join the EC: Having been on the Cycling Committee since 2010 in both a membership role and then as President, I thought it would be good to have more crossover and integration between the sub-groups, sporting groups and ‘Big ANZA’ (as we at Cycling refer to the association as a whole).
What excites you about ANZA: With people constantly arriving and leaving (and returning), there are endless possibilities to meet new people. New people bring new ideas, which in turn brings opportunities for new interest groups and activities – build it and they will come!
Favourite EC memory: I loved spinning the great wheel of mystery for holiday prizes at our last ANZA Ball in 2019! This event has always been incredibly fun and such a huge highlight of the yearly calendar.
Skills you bring: As a relocation consultant, long-term SG resident, long term ANZA member and experienced committee member, I bring a deep understanding of our community – who it comprises, how to build and grow it, and how to provide our members with what they’d like. 

VIce President: Mark Neo

ANZA Vice President Mark Neo

Current employment: Group General Counsel, Interflour Group
Years in SG: 8
Years on the EC: 6
Why you wanted to join the EC: ANZA contributes so much to the community and its members, mostly on the effort and time so generously given by volunteers. As part of the committee, I hope my small contribution will help ANZA to continue to flourish.
What excites you about ANZA: I get really proud and excited when I see the ANZA logo being worn by members all over Singapore. This could be while riding with ANZA Cycling or sitting at a cafe and spotting ANZA Soccer or Netball kids or coaches.
Favourite EC memory: Seeing ANZA thank all of its dedicated volunteers at the Volunteer of the Year Awards (VOYA).
Skills you bring: My legal and secretary background aligned well with my previous role as Association Secretary. Going forward, I’ll support the President, Committee and General Manager as best I can through the forthcoming stages of the pandemic and onto a bigger and brighter future.

Treasurer: Tristan Perry

ANZA Treasurer Tristan Perry

Current employment: Head of Tax – Australia, Select Investors
Years in SG: 6
Years on the EC: 5
Why you wanted to join the EC: To be part of the expatriate community and to also give back to it. I’ve always been grateful to ANZA for such a wonderful network and the members and staff who are continually ready to help and befriend you.
What excites you about ANZA: The community members!
Favourite EC memory: All the face-to-face events and the people involved. I’m looking forward to getting back to it very soon!
Skills you bring: Accounting skills. I’m a proud Australian Chartered Accountant and lucky enough to assist ANZA with its accounting function, which is important for both the day-to-day operations, as well as future planning. We need make sure ANZA can be around for at least another 70 years.

Association Secretary: John Neilson

ANZA Association Secretary John Neilson

Current employment: APAC Head of Technology and Cyber Risk at Citibank
Years in SG:11
Years on the EC: 2
Why you wanted to join the EC: I wanted to help out ANZA after two years of assisting with ANZA Nippers.
What excites you about ANZA: I love being part of the community, the social events and promoting sports events for kids.
Favourite EC memory: Feeling welcomed to the EC on my first committee meeting surrounded by Aussie and New Zealand accents! Last year was all zoom calls and no social events at all, so I can’t really claim any highlights.
Skills you bring: My background is in technology so I hope to help from a tech perspective.

Committee Member: Rochelle Brown

ANZA Committee Member Rochelle Brown
Welcome aboard!

Current employment: Mum to Oliver, 7, William, 5, and a young labradoodle called Georgie
Years in SG: Less than one year
Why you wanted to join the EC: Not being able to work in Singapore, I wanted to put my professional skills to use and help with ANZA’s finances and activities.
What excites you about ANZA: Meeting new people and making a difference where I can.
Skills you bring: Being a Certified Public Accountant, I hope to bring my finance and business skills alongside my interest in various ANZA groups.


Sports Coordinator: James Lindsay

ANXA Sports Coordinator James Lindsay
Welcome aboard!

Current employment: Commercial Director, Boston Consulting Group
Years in SG: 15
Why you wanted to join the EC: I’ve always been enthusiastic about giving back to the community. We have a strong pedigree of new and old ANZAC’s (and our friends) here. I think it’s important that we maintain close ties back to our home countries by offering alumni a platform from which to connect and give back.
What excites you about ANZA: Its deep roots and strong family and collegiate spirit. Sports is something that is a part of every ANZA member’s DNA. As we depart a difficult couple of years, I believe that sports will be a key pillar of the ANZA experience.
Skills you bring: Fresh ideas and a commitment to building on what has already been achieved by so many dedicated and passionate people before me. 

Sports Coordinator: Alistair Green

ANZA Sports Coordinator Alistair Green

Current employment: Senior Vice President, Cloud Engineering, Oracle
Years in SG: 4
Years on the EC: 2
Why you wanted to join the EC: I joined ANZA as we were preparing to move to Singapore and have had a great time so far. It has always offered so much to expats, both new and old.
What excites you about ANZA: The breadth of people and the range of offerings. There’s so much available and something that will resonate with all.
Favourite EC memory: The last 12 months has meant many of our aims and intents had to be shelved. Having said that, the EC has supported each other and our members throughout.
Skills you bring: I’m an avid outdoors person. My chosen sport is long distance triathlons so most days I’ll be on the road, on a bike, or in a local pool. 

Committee Member: Don Northey

ANZA Committee Member Don Northey


Current employment: Sole Practitioner Chartered Accountant specialising in SMB’s
Years in SG: 16
Years on the EC: 13
Why you wanted to join the EC: I was volunteered as they needed a treasurer at the time.
What excites you about ANZA: The events, in particular the Melbourne Cup (and night for some), are a blast!
Favourite EC memory: Doing the photography for the big ANZA events such as the Ball, AFL Grand Final and Melbourne Cup.
Skills you bring: Financial knowledge of Singapore rules and regulations and dry humour (too dry for most!).

Committee Member: Zenaida Bharucha

ANZA Committee Member Zenaida Bharucha

Current employment: Portfolio CFO with Stepping Stone
Years in SG: 8
Years on the EC: 6
Why you wanted to join the EC: To give back to the ANZA community and to make new friends.
What excites you about ANZA: How it keeps evolving no matter what challenges appear and its awesome volunteers who give their time and effort for the benefit of this growing community.
Favourite EC memory: Receiving the outstanding contribution to ANZA Award in May 2018 at the Volunteer of the Year Awards (VOYA). It was really such a humbling experience.
Skills you bring: I’m a bean counter by profession with over 25 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant. 

Committee Member: Christo Fangupo

ANZA Committee Member Christo Fangupo

Current employment: General Manager, SongDivision Asia
Years in SG: 5.5
Years on the EC: 3
Why you wanted to join the EC: To get more involved with the work ANZA does.
What excites you about ANZA: The people and our community. I’ve met many lifelong friends here and continue to do so.
Favourite memory of being on the EC: It has been quiet for me as my skill set hasn’t been utilised to its fullest due to Covid restrictions. Actually, I did run a virtual event for the ANZA members back in 2020 which was really fun. We ended up writing an ANZA-inspired song on the call!
Skills you bring: As I’m in the events industry, I want to bring my expertise to help enhance the already awesome ANZA events (and perhaps bring in something new!).

Committee Member: Maria Taylor

ANZA Committee Member Maria Taylor


Current employment: Head of APAC, Amadeus Hospitality
Years in SG:14
Years on the EC: 3
Why you wanted to join the EC: To help people to integrate into Singapore and create networks of people living here from Australia and New Zealand.
What excites you about ANZA: The lifelong friendships that are formed through the association.
Favourite EC memory: Seeing the excitement from ANZA’s groups last month when restrictions were lifted!
Skills you bring: Event organisation. I’m hoping events will resume this year. 

Committee Member: MaryScot Thom

ANZA Committee Member MaryScot Thom
Welcome aboard!

Current employment: Registered nurse and mum to two young daughters
Years in SG: 7.5
Why you wanted to join the EC: To give back to the Australian and New Zealand Community. I also hope to positively affect change in the Singapore community by being more directly involved with ANZA’s fundraising efforts and supporting local charities.
What excites you about ANZA: The variety of sports groups available for the whole family, from cycling, running groups and soccer for my girls.
Skills you bring: I’m incredibly passionate about giving back to different communities, highly organised, motivated, and I absolutely love being a part of a team.

Membership Secretary: Philip Simmonds

ANZA Membership Secretary Philip Simmonds

Current employment: Director at ExpertsDirect
Years in SG: 12
Years on the EC: 4
Why you wanted to join the EC: In my early years in Singapore, I attended many ANZA events, joined the activities, and met loads of great people from all over the world. I joined the EC so I can help make a difference and connect newbies, and not-so-newbies, here in Singapore to all the things that ANZA has to offer.
What excites you about ANZA: Revitalising some of the renowned activities post-pandemic and developing new ideas with the EC, and our members and volunteers.
Skills you bring: I come from a marketing background, so I look forward to injecting new ideas to stimulate interest and awareness of our growing community.

Community Services Coordinator: Debra de Reeper

ANZA Community Services Coordinator Debra de Reeper
Welcome aboard!

Current employment: Volunteer Executive Coordinator for Singapore charity LOVE, NILS
Years in SG: 3.5
Why you wanted to join the EC: I enjoy giving back to an organisation that provides an important service in the community I live in.
What most excites you about ANZA: The ANZA community was essential for me when I arrived on the red dot, and it continues to provide a place for expats and locals to come together and enjoy life.
Skills you bring: I’ve worked in HR and Events Management so I thrive on organisation and communication. I hope to be able to highlight the community spirit in Singapore and encourage others to enjoy the benefits I do by volunteering.