Fiona Teo connects to the afterlife and spirit world. She is a trained medium, spiritual healer and sound healer. She also reads Akashic records.

Fiona Lim - spiritual healer What are your beliefs when it comes to spirits?
Spirits surround us in life. They attach themselves to people constantly as divine guides without us even realising it. All of us have them. 

And you have the power to Speak to them?
‘Channeling’ is when you tap into these spirits – I compare the process to that of when you try and tune into a radio frequency. Over the years I’ve been trained to channel into my own divine guides, and I work with clients to tap into the guides around them, too. 

Are all spirit guides people?
They come in many different forms: random people, ancestors, shapes, totems (a sacred item) or animals. To interpret what a spirit is trying to communicate, they speak to you through your ‘Clair’ senses – your own psychic senses which can range from an internal voice to a physical sensation. When I tap into my intuition and spirit energy, my mind and body become flooded with mental impressions: thoughts, feelings, images, sounds, tastes and smells. 

What kind of spirits do you communicate with?
They tend to be lost and confused spirits who are stuck between two worlds. I bring them to the light and let them know what’s happening; often spirits don’t know where they are or why they’ve been summoned. Some spirits don’t even know they’ve passed on, they just miss a person or a feeling of energy. I have a soft, feminine and compassionate way of connecting to them and treat them equally to my clients.  

Please tell us about some of your client requests …
People come to me to discover what divine guides surround them, to contact deceased loved ones, and to use me as a path of communication between those who may be close to death. For example, I go to hospitals to speak to ill patients who want to convey something to a family member before they go. I also teach those who are curious to tap into the spirit world themselves.

What’s been your spookiest moment?
I contacted a deceased grandfather who had become ‘stuck’ in his grandaughter’s house. He needed forgiveness from his family before he could move onto peace.   

How do your skills impact your everyday life?When I first started out I had no boundaries with my powers. I was super sensitive to spirits around me which kind of stopped me living my life. I felt different energies everywhere and could instinctively tell if someone was mourning, or if a couple had been arguing. It was very distracting, but today I have much more discipline.