Amy Lim is an energy healer, divination reader and animal communicator. She recognised her ability to heal others when she was a child. In 2011 she left her corporate job to give back to people and animals. Read all about her amazing abilities in this final part of ANZA’s spooky series.

Amy Lim - animal communicator

How did you discover your spiritual powers Amy?
My deep interest in past life regression and helping animals came from my mum, a very kind lady from China who always helped people unconditionally. She used to tell me stories about journeying to the underworld and legends of animals. I discovered my gift of energy healing when a pet fish fell sick and I regenerated his life three times. There were also other stray animals that seemed to approach me for healing. 

How did you develop your special skills?
I read a lot, completed courses, and attended workshops on spirituality, metaphysics, past life regression, energy healing, animal communication, yoga, and chakra healing. I learnt from many teachers and mentors, but most of my healing methods derive from my own innate wisdom. 

Tell us about when you set up your company …
It was after my beloved Corgi, Benji, passed on in 2009. After the heartbreak and consequent healing through communicating with him, I knew I wanted to help others. I posted an advert on Facebook and a cancer patient got in touch wanting to talk to her own pet dog. After that, people started to look to me for healing and animal communication sessions. Today I take cases from those whose animals are in their final days, seniors’ pets, or pets that have sadly passed on. I also assist in finding lost pets through the spiritual practice of dousing.

Hand petting catExactly how do you contact departed pets?
There are two ways to do this. One is by photo: the client sends a picture, information on the animal, and questions they want answering. I also work with the Journeying Method. For this, the client needs to come to a one hour therapy session in which I’ll guide them to connect with their departed pet. This also includes cleansing and a mini card reading. Most clients leave the session feeling lighter and comforted.

What kind of messages have you received from pets?
Animals are strong and live in the present. Usually they’ll say they forgive their owners and they love them very much. They are very pure and sweet in nature. I do come across some animals that are deeply ill but stay strong to live on because they love their humans. 

You also work with past life regression. what’s this?
Past life regression sessions are effective healing for those who encounter repeated patterns or issues in life. They’ll be guided back to see their own past which may be affecting them today. I help them to understand old repeated habits such as thinking and perceptions which can be rooted in their subconscious. Through this process they can understand themselves better and make changes.

What does a past life regression session involve?
It lasts for two hours and includes a mini energy cleansing, regression session, consultation, and a mini card reading. Many times we cleanse our house or car, but not our body, mind and soul. These sessions attract positive energy and encourage many good things to flow into their life.