Chef Carles Abellan, founder of Barcelona’s Tapas, 24 and with an impressive background, including a notable tenure at the legendary “El Bulli,” Chef Abellan has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional cuisine. His innovative approach earned him a Michelin star at his previous venture, Mercat 24, establishing him as a luminary in Barcelona’s gastronomic scene.

In a bold move, Chef Abellan brought the Tapas, 24 concept to Singapore amidst the easing of COVID restrictions in 2021. Recently, he journeyed to Singapore to introduce his latest creations, blending traditional flavours with contemporary twists, alongside timeless classics that evoke the essence of Spanish cuisine.

We had the pleasure of sampling the new menu and meeting Chef Abellan, an experience that transported us back to the essence of Tapas, 24 in Barcelona. 

Tapas 24 Bikini

Our culinary journey started with an assortment of classic tapas, featuring delights such as the Fresh Tomato Tartare (S$15), a refreshing homage to the classic dish. From the traditional selection, the Croquetas de Jamon (S$8), crafted with Iberico ham, showcased exquisite flavours. The iconic Gambas al Ajillo (S$22) offered a perfect blend of garlic, chili, and artisanal oil brought from Andalusia, while the “Tapas 24 Bikini” Sandwich (S$18) delighted with its combination of buffalo mozzarella, black truffles, and Ibérico ham.

Next, we savoured the Clams in Sherry (S$38), where plump clams were delicately cooked in sherry wine and adorned with Ibérico ham and crisp asparagus, transporting us to the sun-soaked shores of Spain.

Transitioning to heartier fare, we indulged in Singapore-exclusive dishes such as Vegetable Skewers (S$12 / S$22), featuring a medley of grilled vegetables, and Roasted Pineapple Skewers (S$12 / S$22), tantalisingly glazed with chili oil.

Among the new additions, the Spanish Ibérico Chuleta (S$42), succulent perfection cooked over hot wood-charcoal, paying homage to Catalan culinary traditions. We continued our culinary exploration with the Ribeye (S$56 300g / $S104 600g), expertly grilled and served with roasted Padron peppers.

A highlight of our meal was the Paella Mar Y Montaña (Surf and Turf) (S$39), where seafood-infused rice culminated in a delightful contrast of textures, complemented by the coveted socarrat, the crispy layer of rice at the bottom of the pan. 

We enjoyed a variety of Spanish wines with our meal. Tapas, 24 list features over 100 selections of which about 90% are Spanish, including exclusive labels, and a signature Sangria bursting with freshly chopped fruits, 

VERDICT: Tapas, 24 is a culinary gem that seamlessly blends Spanish tradition with innovative flair. Whether savouring iconic favourites or exploring new creations, each dish is a testament to Chef Abellan’s mastery and the modern tapas culture of Spain.

Tapas, 24, 60 Robertson Quay, #01-04 The Quayside, 238252