Nestled within picturesque Parkland Green at East Coast Park, the newest addition to the PSGourmet Group family, Jypsy Parkland Green, beckons guests with its alluring blend of traditional Japanese flavours and modern culinary twists. Embarking on its second outpost after the success of its flagship location at One Fullerton, we found ourselves on a Friday evening ensconced in the al fresco seating area as the sun began to descend, a gentle sea breeze weaving through the air, creating an idyllic location for an end-of-work-week treat.

Signature cocktails 

To ‘clink’ in the weekend, we ordered Jypsy’s signature cocktails, each sip a harmonious blend of flavours, shaken not stirred. The Green Geisha ($21), with its refreshing medley of gin, shiso, Mediterranean tonic, and a hint of wasabi salt, provided the prelude to the evening. Meanwhile, the Yuzu Gin Fizz ($20) offered a citrusy burst of gin and yuzu, perfectly complementing the seaside setting.

Fusion of flavours

We started with classic favourites from the original Jypsy menu, each dish meticulously crafted to elevate familiar flavours to new heights. The Jypsy Salmon Tacos ($18) presented a creative twist on traditional tacos, boasting crispy seafood shells filled with succulent salmon, creamy avocado, zesty tomato salsa, and a tantalising drizzle of wasabi mayo, topped with decadent ikura. Equally enticing were the Soft Shell Chilli Crab Rolls ($28), featuring deep-fried soft-shell crab and crab meat, generously smothered in a luscious chilli mayo.

The main event

As the evening unfolded, the main course offerings grew increasingly impressive. The King Prawn & Unagi Aglio Olio ($29) was an absolute winner with its delicate spaghettini, adorned with succulent king prawns, smoky unagi, toasted sesame breadcrumbs, and a hint of yuzu juice and chunky chilli oil. Equally noteworthy was the Wagyu Beef Dripping Fried Rice ($32), featuring tender grilled wagyu nestled atop fragrant kombu butter fried rice, accompanied by a medley of pickles for added depth of flavour.

Irresistible temptations

Despite our satiated appetites, we couldn’t resist indulging in a few more treats. The allure of Jypsy’s famous Nest of Fries ($16), featuring crispy shredded potato drizzled with white truffle oil, wasabi mayo, and teriyaki sauce, proved irresistible. Our neighbouring guests raved about the Jypsy Fish & Chips ($24) and the Ika Pizza ($26), moreish and memorable creations that left us eagerly anticipating our next visit.

Sweet endings

No memorable meal leaves out a sweet denouement, and Jypsy delivered with its humble but delectable dessert offerings. We savoured every spoonful of the Tiramisu Soft Serve ($14), adorned with cookie crisps, and relished the delicate flavours of the Yuzu Tofu Cheesecake ($12), nestled atop a buttery biscuit crumb.

A toast to excellence

Jypsy’s comprehensive wine list offers a selection that caters to every palate and budget. Our choice, the Catena Zapata Malbec from Argentina ($115), was the perfect accompaniment, its bold flavours complementing the diverse array of dishes available. 

The Verdict: Jypsy Parkland Green offers not just a dining experience, but a joyous coming together of traditional Japanese flavours, artfully combined with contemporary twists. Whether you’re seeking a relaxed al fresco vibe, quality cuisine that caters to the whole family (including furry friends), or just a taste of laid-back coastal living, this is an unmissable destination.

920 ECP #01-25/26/27, 449875