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Remember the good old days when you could pull out a photo album and reminisce through your memories without any hassle? Nowadays, looking at photos often means searching through your cluttered photo library, external hard drives, or your Facebook account. Sarah and Bo from Tekkie Help specialise in helping people manage, organise, protect, and most importantly, enjoy their photos. Here are 7 simple tips on how to liberate your digital photos.

1. Create a digital photo hub

It’s difficult to enjoy your photos when they’re scattered everywhere. The basis of any photo management is to create a “Digital Photo Hub” – a central location where all your photos are stored. From here, you can start to organise, sort and edit them so you can then start to enjoy them.

2. Get a good photo management software

Even if you’re extremely organised and have your photos in orderly folders on your computer, if you’re not using a specialised photo management software, you’re not going to be able to easily access, sort and enjoy your photos. Mac users are fortunate that the Apple native photo management software ‘Photos’ is an extremely effective and easy to use tool for organising and editing photos. For Windows users, there is no native software – there are many on the market, both paid for and free. We highly recommend Google Photos as a solution for Windows users.

3. Label photos and/or create albums

Adding labels to photos or creating albums makes it super-easy to find your favourite snaps when you want in no time at all. Photos and Google Photos have very powerful search capabilities even without labels – you can search by people’s faces, location, photo content e.g. “dog”, “beach”, “Christmas tree” etc.

4. Print your photos

Make time to publish your memories – simple prints, or even better to create photo book albums, calendars etc. Great Christmas present ideas too! Both Mac photos and Google Photos have the ability to create photo books from within the photo management software. We love the idea of printing a family yearbook.

5. Screen savers

Personalise your desktop or TV screen savers with your favourite memories. There are some really cool tools to help select which photos are displayed. This really does create everyday opportunities so you can enjoy all of your favourite photos and cherish those special memories.

6. Digital photo frames

There are many products on the market for digital photo frames which you can link to your photo management software to display the photos you want. Customise the frames to
display photos of certain events/holidays or which contain certain people in (a nice idea if you have people visiting is to feature all the memories you have shared with them!).

7. Sharing photos with friends & family

A key part of enjoying photos is sharing these memories with family and friends. Aside from publishing photo books, you can share photos by creating shared photo albums. You can even make these albums “smart” in that they can automatically populate according to certain criteria e.g. add all photos including a certain person to the album. These are just a few ideas on how you can liberate your digital photos and enjoy your memories.

For more tips on how to enjoy your photos, plus how to implement the ideas above, why not join one of our Photo Management training workshops? For more information and to book visit tekkiehelp.com/it-training or contact 81138682