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As parents, we all want to give our children the very best start in life and finding the right school for your children can be one of the most important decisions you will make.

Boarding school is often considered by parents as a logistical saviour; the solution that allows their children to attend their school of choice without parents needing to be in two places at once or enduring a time consuming commute. However, many parents quickly realise the benefits of a boarding education which are priceless. Boarding presents unparalleled opportunities for children to grow in independence, confidence, and to refine emotional intelligence, academic, social, and co-curricular skills.

The boarding houses at Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) are run by highly-trained, experienced senior teachers who provide constant pastoral and academic guidance, while cultivating the atmosphere of a community within MCM’s leafy 90 acre site. Outside the classroom, boarding offers pupils the opportunity to discover and develop their natural talents by enjoying the full range of world-class facilities on campus, whether this is swimming in the Olympic pool, rehearsing in the music facility, kayaking on the school lake or going to the library for extra studying. In doing so, pupils develop into well-rounded individuals who have many passions and hobbies that they’re able to take the lead in cultivating.

Lifelong friendships

The college also ensures that weekends are filled with fun activities such as cultural trips to Singapore, or go-karting and surfing in Desaru. Boarders can partake in BBQ’s, formal dinners, and games nights which provide them with the freedom to relax outside the classroom while learning vital social skills, manners, etiquette and communication skills by socialising with adults and peers. Consequently, pupils form lifelong friendships which far outlast their time at school. Boarding is not just about living on site; it is about being part of a community which extends to life in the wider world.

Marlborough College Malaysia – The only authentic British boarding experience in Asia
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Nothing rivals boarding for teaching young people how to be independent, make good decisions, and help others. Boarding develops a sense of self-understanding as pupils become aware of what is important to them and how they can follow their passions. Guided by supportive staff, boarders learn to plan academic work in advance, become adept at cooperative learning, and develop self-discipline. As a result, they are often perfectly positioned to thrive as an undergraduate at a distant university, perhaps in another country, more easily than those who are experiencing self-reliance and separation from home for the first time aged 18.

To learn more about boarding at MCM, please visit marlboroughcollegemalaysia.org/boarding