Charitable organisations in Singapore have roared back to life after a near shut down during Covid. This is fantastic news for those who rely on assistance, and for our ANZA members who enjoy being involved in the ANZA Action community. As we approach the end of the year, here’s a quick recap on activity from some of our charity partners.

Image Mission Power Walk: Dress for Success
Image Mission support women by helping them to reach economic freedom through employment by offering training and advice. ANZA is a big fan of Dress for Success, a programme offered by Image Mission, which assists women to prepare for interviews with professional attire and interview coaching. During August, Image Mission shared their power walk campaign with ANZA to help raise funds. This saw a group of ANZA members embarking on an organised walk on Saturday 27 August, strutting their stuff from Stadium to Gardens by the Bay while looking ravishing in red, all in support of this great cause.

LOVE, NILS: Shine a Light
September was International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Children and their families or caregivers face a tough and lonely battle through the treatment journey, therefore the aim of LOVE, NILS is to help the children get through with fun and engaging activities such as art therapy. To support their work, ANZA members engaged in small events around Singapore to raise awareness of childhood cancer and raise funds. This involved celebrating the colour gold in any way they wished, with the purchase of gold ribbons available.

Riding for the Disabled, Singapore (RDA)
As our charity of choice, ANZA assists RDA to raise funds for Kodie the support horse, our four-legged friend who provides therapy for physically and mentally disabled people through riding and non-riding programmes. Our Melbourne Cup Race Day in November enables the donation of much-needed funds, including RDA being present at the event selling decorative horseshoes.

Calm Collective Asia
Calm Collective Asia is an organisation driven to supporting mental health in Asia, offering programmes to encourage sharing, and providing information to reduce the stigma of mental health issues. They also partner with corporations to provide workplace mental wellness initiatives. In October, ANZA Action worked together with Calm Collective to promote awareness of their mental health wellbeing festival, Calmcon. We saw guest speakers covering the themes of workplace wellbeing, maintaining calm, and thriving successfully in today’s fast-paced world.

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