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The holidays are around the corner, but they can get lonely for some people, especially for expats and students who cannot be with their families for the festivities. Loneliness could stem from various emotions, such as family pressure, anticipation, or grief. While holidays mean cheer and joy, it’s not cheerful for some. Experts have suggested exercises and tips that could help you during these times. 

Our friends at Pacific Prime have put together 5 tips to help deal with holiday loneliness. 

Embrace loneliness

While the topic of loneliness and feeling lonely is taboo, mental health experts have confirmed that it’s okay to feel lonely. While feeling lonely may not be great, being aware of it can help you deal with it. So, journal your thoughts, declutter your mind, and focus on how to take care of yourself.

Make new traditions

Expectations can always be worked upon, so reset your expectations about holiday traditions. It could be as small as cooking a dish that gives you comfort, reading a book, watching a feel-good movie, and more. Going forward, you will have your holiday traditions to look forward to.

Join a new club

Try to find a club or ANZA group that interests you, such as a book club or a knitting club. Joining a club will surround you with people and give you a sense of being part of a bigger community. 


Get physical and move your body because exercising is an excellent way to relieve pent-up aggression. Moreover, exercising and sport can help alleviate some symptoms of loneliness, such as low appetite, lack of interest, low energy, etc. 

See a therapist

You can combat loneliness by seeing a therapist. A professional can help you identify thoughts that trigger feelings of loneliness and help you cope with and address your loneliness in a meaningful way. If you are worried about paying big bucks for a therapist, get in touch with Pacific Prime, the insurance experts there will surely help you get a plan that covers all your requirements and suits your budget. 

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