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Want a kindergarten that gets your child excited to go to school every day? The Canadian International School’s (CIS) brand new kindergarten wing might just have what you’re looking for.

Families with children aged 2-6 can experience our engaging play-based approach at our Enchanted Garden Party on 25 February, 9am-12pm. It will be a fun-filled morning of educational activities led by CIS teachers. Some of these activities include:

  • Story Corner: Be enchanted by our storytellers as they bring popular children’s stories to life in multiple languages
  • Charlie the Caterpillar’s Obstacle Course: Work your way through a fun obstacle course and get a glimpse into our PE programme
  • Betty the Butterfly’s Mud Kitchen: Explore math and science concepts such as counting, shape and volume as you experiment and play in the sand
  • Gertie the Grasshopper’s Eco Garden: Discover the natural world as you pot herbs in our very own herb and vegetable garden
  • Aaron the Ant’s Arts Station: Craft your own insect crown in our air-conditioned glass arts pod as you learn about our arts programme and why creativity is essential

End the morning with a tour of our new wing, and see how our purpose-built facilities have been designed to support learning in the early years.

Brand new Outdoor Discovery Centre 

Designed to support meaningful play-based learning experiences, our new wing houses a huge 2,600sqm Outdoor Discovery Centre, where the natural environment is seamlessly integrated into everyday learning. This means children get to engage in outdoor play right outside their classrooms!

Learning opportunities in every corner

Learning can happen anywhere in the Outdoor Discovery Centre. There are sound and art gardens to experiment in, an eco-pond to observe living beings and their habitat, and a mud kitchen where children can learn math concepts like mass and volume. Children will learn fundamental literacy skills as they write notes to each other on walls or leave letters for their friends in the garden.

There are also plenty of grassy hills, tunnels, a play fort, and a yoga lawn for the little explorers to develop motor skills as they run, jump and climb.

Indoors and outdoors connect

The Outdoor Discovery Centre connects directly to kindergarten classrooms, and there are a host of other facilities for students of all ages to enjoy. These include an instructional bakery, a junior library, two new swimming pools, a junior gym, a black box theatre and much more!

Discover this wonderful new space at our Enchanted Garden Party on 25 February, 9am-12pm. Book now.

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