When Covid restrictions were lifted in Singapore last April, ANZA Cricket returned in something of a panic with everyone keen to get out on the green again.

We quickly assembled two league squads and the ever-young Dream Team. As time progressed and the rules around playing a match became easier all round, we managed to play some 28 league games and 10+ social games in the remaining seven months of the year. It was joyous to see many of the old dogs returning and to welcome some new faces who’d been patiently waiting in the wings until the pandemic madness subsided. A very warm welcome goes to Ravi, Manu, Darren, Kunal, Patrick, Pradeep, Raghu, Anton, Harold, Chris,Jake, George, Usman, Nick, Rishi and Tarraqand returnees, Dominic, Chiro and Ian.

Highlights & Happenings

News from on and off the cricket pitch

  • ANZA Bushrangers finished in the middle of their division with some exceptional cricket, highlights being Sandesh Gavade and Steve Anderson’s inspirational batting throughout the season
  • ANZA Diggers had a fluctuating season, beating some of the top teams but losing some others through fielding. No worries though – now we know what to focus on next year!
  • A shout out goes to our two talented juniors, Satvik Bhardwaj and Nayaz Ihisaas Halim. Nayaz in particular bowled exceptionally well in Bushrangers and earned selection in the Singapore U16 side. We look forward to more talent emerging in 2023
    Weekdays, a strong NETs session group has developed at Turf City (huge thanks to Ben Frost of Diggers). With up to 12 people attending each week, it has been a lot of fun and also good socially with an open invitation to drinks afterwards. These NETs are great for people thinking of joining ANZA Cricket, so don’t be shy and come down! Roll the arm over even if rusty and meet the lads!
  • The Dream Team, which is our social side, started Friday afternoon cricket sessions. This has gone down a storm, especially as people now have more flexible working arrangements and it also allows them more time with their kids on weekends

NETs stuff to know
NETs kick off each Wednesday at Turf City from 7pm. We assemble 5-10 people who enjoy rolling the arm over through our WhatsApp chat. It’s not a problem if you don’t want to play games, don’t have equipment and/or just want to do NETs. They are social NETs and everyone is most welcome.

2023 Season Starts Now!
This year we’re expanding our social cricket offering and plan to have a 65+ game season, NETs, and tours to nearby countries. Join us at anza.org.sg/sports/cricket

SCC Youth Development
As yet, ANZA doesn’t run a junior team, but Singapore Cricket Club offers a youth development programme for kids aged 5-10. With a variety of sessions running weekends and mid-week, the Cubs Cricket environment is “all about fun and enjoyment through our brilliant game.” To find out more contact David Bennett at JuniorCricket@scccricket.com

ANZA Cricket is delighted to welcome our new league sponsor

Interested in sponsoring ANZA Cricket? Contact Kerry Low, gm@anza.org.sg